Beginner questions: using Python with SimConnect, limited?

Hi all,

I’m just getting started with SimConnect and I only know a bit of Python. Can anyone provide a general guidance on the best path to take for beginners? I am only interested in pulling data from the sim and displaying it in a gui/web interface, for now. Will I be able to take advantage all the Simvars in order to get data from the sim if I use Python, or will there be some missing Simvars? Additionally, I found two Python ports:

  1. SimConnect · PyPI

  2. Yet another python wrapper for simconnect, supporting simvar subscription

Which one do you recommend using? Or can I use both at the same time?


How awesome would it be if Asobo integrated Python into the core of the simulator at the same level of javascript.

Javascript better for web interface, and Python could be used for local apps that display data on a GUI? Beginner here so, just wondering. I understand that one could use the Flask framework with Python and make web apps. Anyway, I’m guessing from your comment that Python has a lot of shortcomings when it comes to Simconnect and Simvariables? Even if I just want to display the data in a GUI on screen (no web)?

I like python simconnect. I have noticed unfortunately that many commands does not work on many of my favourite addon aircraft.

There are various python modules on Github that can be used as interfaces to simconnect but all appear to be limited in scope. For example, only aircraft simvars appear to work as described in the SDK and even some of those are wrong. My experience is that it is probably better to attempt your project in C++, using Virtual Studio 2019. If you must use Python, a lot of information can be gained by starting from one of the C++ samples in the SDK. HTH