Beginner's question: window's building glass effect

What Blender parameters you guys are using for basic window’s building when you want it glass but not transparent because there’s nothing (yet) inside? I set these and not happy with the result:

  • (Surface) Metallic: 0.9

  • (Surface) Roughness 0.3

  • (Material Mode) MSFS Glass

  • (Material Mode) Alpha multiplier: 0.23

Thanks for your help from a beginner in Blender :wink:

Try lowering the roughness to something below 0.05,
Glass are smooth :innocent: (they changed how glass behave in su6, before that your glass value were still fine)
The less roughness, the more reflections you get
Also if haven’t anything inside i would go with alpha above 0.6
You can However in the meantime throw there some basic items like tables and chairs

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