Beginning of the 8+hr Tour LFBD to KSEA...15NMs out...CTD

Leaving France to FL400

Next land mass Greenland

Greenland ahead…

Leaving Greenland behind

Approaching Caribou River Park Reserve

And through Edmonton

15 NM out from end …CTD…lucky me! 1st time that has ever happened.


:slight_smile: I flew a brand-new 737 from the factory in Renton to France once (in another sim of course), it was a lot of fun… Have a nice flight !

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It is a welcome diversion…feeling a tad under the weather today. This helps! TY

I have done quiet a few Long Haul flights already on the B747-8, but today it was my first try at LFBD to KSEA, using ILS 16L, and guess what, I also got my very first CTD, just under 240NM of KSEA.

I was approaching YVR from LONRO, and thought I request a decrease in altitude, from FL420 to FL320, to save a bit of time in the descend which comes fast right after YVR, the ATC approved the request, then as I switched instrument views to enter the new altitude, descend rate, etc. and Poof! CTD :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Almost nine hours (actually 8h20min as per the FS Logbook) of flight gone into the bit bucket! A quick search on the forums, it seems like this route is “haunted” by a lot of CTDs. Coincidence? Most probably it is.

I will try again some other time, I might give the Salty version of the B747-8 a try, it might bring me some luck next time I try to complete this achievement.

Happy flying!

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Never did a long haul before. Big let down at the end. Never get CTDs. And usually run high end to ultra. Here because of the flight and forum back story, I gave it a chance at medium graphics setting. Whatever the bug is, not worth it. At 67 yrs old, I’m working on premium time! :rofl::rofl:. Obviously there is a Bermuda Triangle effect going on that is not my problem. Again…I never get CTDs. But I love the sim and have a great time every day with no problems. Have fun yourself, Segnor. :+1::+1:

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@Rozellespi, I must agree with you, time is always at a premium :wink:

I actually tried the Salty 747-8 with a 7h+ flight, EDDM to CYUL, and I was quite impressed with the smooth final approach, and soft touch down into snowy Montréal, just before midnight, which is usually pretty quiet.

I am wondering if it was actually due to my Radeon graphics software, as I had applied a patch a week ago, you know how it is, they fix 10 things and break 5 :smiley: so this time around I closed all other apps, I might have had a YouTube video running on a separate monitor at the time of the CTD :expressionless:

Having a ton of fun! :+1: :airplane:

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What was the MSFS settings used during the flight and PC specs?