Bell 47 Ceiling

I tried to get to the top of Mt Teide - 13,182 (4018m) ft and ran out of power/lift around 12,000 ft (3658m) anyone else managed to get higher?

In theory IRW the Helicopter has a service ceiling of 4,022m (13,195ft) so wonder where the limitation is, the helicopter model or something in the sim, any thoughts?

The service ceiling will change depending on the air temperature. If the air temperature at the time you were trying to fly was higher than the published service ceiling performance specification the aircraft would not be able to reach the specified altitude. I think 47G does model the change in performance with air temp.

Fair comment, I haven’t found a temperature reference so far for the aircraft nor really noted the OAT during the flight, something to look into, it does take a wee while to get up there to try it out each time though :grin: