Beluga, c130, warthog available in msfs2020?

Will the aircraft shown in the trailer be available in msfs2020, including the A10, C130 and Beluga?

It isn’t a C-130, but it’s actually an Airbus A400M Atlas. Even then, it’s exciting to see new aircraft!


Well, they said that most aircraft in 2020 will be compatible with 2024 with little to no changes. Some might need an update patch.

If you assume that logic works in reverse there is a possibility that those aircraft might also get put up for sale in MSFS2020.

HOWEVER, I would rate it unlikely for them to be released for free, and my personal prediction is that they will be exclusive to MSFS2024 in order to drive people to purchase their new platform if they want to fly the cool new aircraft.

But I must reiterate that this is only speculation on my part.

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The A10 looked like the current model by Demios (don’t know if I spelled that correctly) where the GUA8 has been replaced with what looks like a camera to be compliant with the marketplace no weapons policy.

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And to me Airbus Copied McDonald/Boeing in the C-17 shape, changing the Jets to Turboprops. I have couple thousand hours in C-17 in X-Plane and FSX, and it fly’s like a dream. For those challenged, try landing one on San Clemente Island of the coast of CA. I have done it, no nav aids, all VFR, and you are landing an very heavy aircraft. FWIW-AF does this all the time to practice their skills.

Naval Auxiliary Landing Field San Clemente Island (

Well, it’s still work in progress, there is still plenty of time
before MSFS 2024 will be released.

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The way the FAQ is worded I wouldn’t be surprised if all aircraft from MSFS2020 (standard, premium and deluxe) and the ones added for free in other updates are in 2024.

“Current aircraft and airports that are in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)… will be supported in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.”

I’m optimistic that we will be delivered a large offering of aircraft.

I don’t think they will be available in msfs2020. otherwise, why would people buy msfs2024? this would be a disastrous strategy for the dev.

note: A-10 without its trademark gun looks so dumb. get dcs world instead.

I am quite confident that will be the case. Just to clarify, I think the OP was asking if the opposite would be true: If the new default aircraft introduced in 2024 would also be available in 2020 after release.

Ohh dear, you have a point. I don’t think they will be made available in 2020. But they might work in it, if that makes sense.

Its not the Deimos A10 in the trailer its a completely new A10 buy another developer. Unfortunately said Dev cannot say any more than this as they are under Microsoft NDA. But. All aircraft shown in that trailer are NEW assets, none of them are FS2020 assets.

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@Batterby76 Is there a source confirming the dev? Just trying to build a wider understanding of who is doing what I’m the sim.

Also the Airbus H125 doesn’t appear to be a CowanSim heli by comparison of their current version and that in the trailer.

Yes. The Dev I moderate for on another social platform. He has a range of other Military aircraft in sim already and doesn’t have phonetic alphabet company name

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