Bespoke airports

What does Bespoke Airports mean?

“Custom” Airport. I admit, I had to look that one up too when FS2020 first came out.



First time I had ever heard or seen that word too.


bespoke is hipster-speak for ‘custom’ :wink:


Well your post is marked, but I thought it was a funny word-Joke :joy:.

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yeah come on, why cant we have a lil joke now and then.
if you ask me, i think some people here are way way to serious over just a game
and yes i put some money in too.


Yea. And I just was held short because I corrected someone who in his first post on this forum began to yell that the developers were doing a bad job. Sometimes I have the feeling that I am living in some kind of inverted world :sweat_smile:.
Okay, back on topic…

And what are the 5 bespoke airports of the last update?

  • |EKRN| Bornholm| Denmark|
  • |ESSA| Stockholm-Arlanda| Sweden|
  • |EFVA| Vaasa| Finland|
  • |ENSB| Svalbard| Norway|
  • |BIIS| Isafjordur| Iceland|

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