Best flight simulator setup for log cabins

I was looking at building a log cabin in the country side (because that right now is the cheapest way to build a home with big space currently because the price of 2x4s went up) and was wondering what owners of log cabins did with their flight simulator setups? I was hoping to build a gaming setup in the upper open loft area once I build it. people that built a flight simulator setup in their log cabin can post ideas here for me


Flight simulation is already quite niche.

But this takes it to a whole new level!

I’m looking forward to the responses!
(And I do hope that you get some good advice along the way)

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First: congratulations for your idea to build a log because nothing is as calming as nature. In ten years or so I will buy a small caravan too and park it in the middle of nature during the weekends to enjoy the nature scenery. That´s calming and inspirational especially for writers and artists having a weekend “house” in the middle of nature or even on a beach during the summer months sometimes :slight_smile:

I don´t know which power supply you will have, let us assume you buy some kind of solar powered supply. One squaremeter of solar panel brings ~300 watts of power.

Well the first option is to buy a gaming laptop (which is horrible expensive). I would never again recommend to anyone buying these insufficient cooled piles of wobbly plastic and e-waste for the price of a pre-owned car lasting exactly as long as the warranty + 2 months… It also is zero customizable, in most cases not repairable, and not upgradeable.

The second and way better choice is building your own micro PC by yourself.
This looks beautyful and will cost a third or even less with more rendering power, has way better cooling, and your own fully customized parts, and you will be very proud of your creation… like your own small silicon life-form you brought to life.
Fully portable with having the size of a shoebox and the overall cost of I assume ~1000$… if you can get your hands on a last-gen graphics card for a normal price, plus mainboard 200$, CPU 200$, RAM 100$ PSU 100$, cheap SSD drives for 20$ if it`s a smaller one with 512GB storage space, and a beautyful computer case with real-glass window will cost about $100 too.
This will run your Flight Simulator and every other actual-gen game absolute fine.

Get inspired to do some beautyful PC builds on Google and YouTube, there you will find the most beautyful PC cases with the most futuristic designs…

Here is a step by step how to build a mini PC (and about two more millions videos too about how to build various Intel and AMD machines of all sizes)

A friend of mine build such a machine too a few weeks ago and never regretted it! He even started gaming - as a non-gamer :wink: awesome!

If you plan to make your log solar-powered, the power consumption of an average mid to high range PC while gaming will be 22 to 80 watts for the CPU, 75 to 250 watts for the graphics card, 20 watts for the mainboard, I guess it was 10 watts per RAM bank but not sure, and 20-30 watts for the computer screen.
(But if your log is connected to the grid you have unlimited watts and you don´t have to worry about that.)

I am going to be building in a small country town near a lake in the southern Appalachian mountains I’m just waiting for the price of wood to drop a bit

I built a 12v, max 40w tdp set up for my camper van just to be able to play GTA5 (albeit on low settings) for rainy days on vacation… Until my upgrade arrives I am actually using it’s GT1030 to pretty good effect for MSFS.

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Actually I might have to have a backup power system because if the US government decides to give Tesla a monopoly by making everything electric then I’ll end up having to generate my own power because of how constant the power will be out