Best gpu under £500 ($600)

I am looking for a gpu ideally under £500. I am looking to run MSFS at 1440p with high-ultra settings ideally above 30fps.
My current system:
R5 5600x
16gb 3600mhz ram
850w psu
Any help is appreciated!!!

You may want to look into the used market.

However with some luck you may find a 4070 within your budget. Like this one: MSI Ventus GeForce RTX 4070 Video Card RTX 4070 VENTUS 2X 12G OC -

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Yeah used is the way to go if you want to save money. I got a 12GB 3060 for well under half that money off ebay and it’s been great. Mine was ex-crypto just have to make sure the seller takes returns and has excellent reputation to cover the risks. With 500 quid you could easily get a 3080 and maybe a 3090 or lower 40 series.

For a new card, the AMD TX 7800XT and 6950XT would be a couple to consider, each with 16 GB of VRAM. On the Nvidia side, about the best you could do is a 4070, which has 12GB of VRAM. You do get frame generation with it, but you’ll have noticeable artifacts at lower frame rates.

Have you also considered a CPU upgrade? If you are wanting settings at ultra, that’s going to crank up the TLOD and OLOD, and those impact the CPU a fair bit. If you want to increase AI traffic, that will also hit the CPU. That 5600x may wind up holding you back and cause increased stutters. The 5800X3D would be a great drop in upgrade if you can afford it. You certainly need to upgrade from that GT710, but I would consider cutting back on the GPU budget and using some of the savings to upgrade the CPU. I’m running the 5800X3D now with an RX 6600XT and maintaining over 40fps at busy airports at 1440p. Sure, my graphics aren’t set to ultra, but they are in the mid to high settings and the sim still looks great.

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Would overclocking my cpu be an option as I have 6 fans and a 2 fan aio?

it’s subjective imo. Some people get the bump with OCing others find themselves at thermal limits anyway.

The only way you’ll know if you need a CPU upgrade or not is drop the new GPU into the computer and try it. If the frames thingy in the dev mode say “CPU Limited” then you could stand to grab an upgrade. I am CPU limited myself with a R7 5800X + 3060ti but it is smooth (i’m also playing at 1080p so…)

For me personally overclocking the GPU worked.


“CPU limited with Ryzen 7 5800X3d + 3060Ti 1080p” ???
My system is Ryzen 7 5800X3d + 3070Ti running VR Quest 3 and very very rarely get CPU Limited message !

i’m also running at 130% Terrain and object LOD

It’s also not an X3D, it’s an X. It has a lower L3 cache. I was getting 40-50fps at MCO yesterday so long as i didn’t look at the terminals when i was taxiing to the runway lol

By today’s standards, OC’ing often doesn’t provide much benefit unless you have a golden sample. For CPU’s, undervolting could provide a bigger benefit by reducing temps and thus allowing a higher boost clock. Overclocking would generate more heat, which may overwhelm your cooling. I know this it’s a lot of “it depends,” wording, but such is the nature of overclocking.

But overclocking is essentially free. You can try it, and AMD makes it a bit easier with PBO, and see what happens. Turn the fps counter on in the Dev mode toolbar and watch the main thread (CPU) frame times. Turn your graphics all the way down, especially your render resolution and/or scale and see if you can unload your current GPU enough to become main thread limited. Frame timing at 30 fps would be 33.3ms. At 60fps it’s 16.7ms. If your CPU can get reliably below those frame times at a busy airport, that would go a long way to seeing what you can expect from it and how much gain you can get when you OC it.

If you can wait two months then the super cards are coming out. One of which is the 4070 super. This will mean a price drop on the others.

just to give an update if anyone cares, i got a second hand tuf 3080ti and it is really good. i run 4k ultra in non built up areas and high end in built up areas or maybie a bit below if im flying big planes, doing this i get good fps, idk the number but probably around 30-40. also idk if im doing anything wrong but when im playing my gpu is at 100% and my cpu is at 60%, so it still looks like a gpu bottleneck, which dosnt make sence (let me know if i can get better performance).

The GPU will bottleneck with certain settings on ‘Ultra.’
The CPU will bottleneck with other settings (like TLOD, OLD, traffic, and live weather.)

Unfortunately, I can’t find a definitive list of which settings put a bigger load on which component. You just have to turn things down one-by-one and fly the same route in the same plane and see the effect it has.

Remember that rolling cache will (theoretically) affect the results, since its (theoretical) task is to load scenery that’s been flown before. I’d turn it OFF and clear the nVidia caches before doing this kind of testing.

Congrats on getting your new GPU!

For anyone still in the market at this price range, I recently upgraded my own GPU to an XFX 7800XT like I recommended above, and I can happily say I still stand by it. After re-tuning my settings, I’m now running a mix of high and ultra settings at 4k native, no upscaling or frame generation, and staying at 50+ fps most everywhere. I’m still over 40 fps at busy airports like JFK, but that’s with FSLTL live traffic set a little low. On my 60Hz monitor, I’m more than happy with this result.