Best joystick for best price..?

Hello. I’m new to FSX and the forums. I’ve been flying with a Xbox controller for about 3 weeks and I want to try something new for primary flight control. Any suggestions for a noob on a decent price piece of hardware?
Thanks, Matt

The cheapest most decent one I would recommend as a starting point is the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.

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They aren’t necessarily inexpensive, but I replaced my tried-and-true Saitek AV8R with a Thrustmaster T16000M at the first of the year. They’ve gotten a bit harder to find and the price has increased, but the T16000M is a great Flight Control System. It uses magnets instead of potentiometers. It is sturdy and feels very solid.


I just got myself the Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus edition today. I’m looking forward to trying it out later.

had an old x.36 Saitek stick but now i am happy with the Honeycomb yoke !

That is what I flew with for years and years, worked great.

Prices are through the roof for anything that is remotely useful for MSFS tho’… I bought one four years ago for $34, now they are $90 new on Amazon, and people put their used ones on eBay for $100+… Didn’t realize a low end joystick could be a business investment, 3x return over four years is not too bad.

My X56 HOTAS I bought two years ago for $195 now retails for $369. Crazy.

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Really is a budget/supply question for you OP.
Most kit is really hard to get just now and plenty chancers dropping 2nd hand on ebay for inflated prices.
I personally wouldn’t buy a 2nd hand controller.

VKB NXT Gladiator. Just check it out before you pull the trigger.

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I would also recommend the Thustmaster T16000 as I have one and it is very precise

I also have an Xbox controller which I’ve successfully flown & landed with. … To answer my son’s Question “Can I use MSFS with a controller”

The controller, even if you buy a Flight Control System (like the T16000) is very handy for flying the drone and both can be connected at same time.

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As noted, market availability is tight.

The answer may end up being: whatever you can find. Unfortunately, it’s a perfect storm between this sim and other flight games being released recently and more people being homebound.

If you can find it and your budget can stand it, any recent Thrustmaster as mentioned - T16000, TCA Airbus, or the VK Gladiator. They all have the new Hall Effect magnetic sensors which is more robust over time, less likely for axis drift with age. I’m two for two, managed to get a TCA Airbus over a month and a half ago, and just recently a hard to find Saitek Throttle Quadrant, but yes, I paid a bit more than going rate. Well worth it though for the amount of time I spend in the sim.

Otherwise, any port in a storm as they say.

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WOW! Thats a crazy markup from a few years back. Is it because of COVID or due to the release of the game?

I bought a Thrustmaster T16000M? 85€ (around 100$), very smooth
That depends what you call a “decent” price :slight_smile:

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Maybe a little bit of covid too, but I think it is just this huge influx of new or returning flightsim users needing new gear.