Best joystick for series x

I have an Xbox series X

I have previously posted a thread about having difficulty of flying Cessna 172 with an Xbox series x controller

After posting a video of this and discussing this - I have learnt this is to do with the Cessna 172 not being able to fly with the controller, and was advised to buy a joystick

What is the best joystick to buy on Amazon ?

I need something that is the following

  • easy to set up
  • no pedals
  • just plug in via USB
  • easy to fly Cessna 172

Your options are a bit limited.

I would suggest a yolk to fly GA over a stick.

Options at the moment are Honeycomb Alpha XPC or TurtleBeach Velocity One.

Can you explain a product for

Yoke to fly GA over a stick

He / she already did. Though the yokes are expensive compared to sticks. So keep that in mind if you are on a budget. Other cheaper options can be:

Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Yoke

If looking for a stick only,

Thrustmaster TCA Airbus side stick (make sure it’s the xbox compatible one, there is an older version which is PC only)

There are even cheaper hotas options from thrustmaster (hotas setups have both a side stick and a throttle control) but if you choose one, make sure it has xbox compatibility.

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