Best mechanical keyboard around $100?

Not a specific MSFS question, but I don’t participate in other forums so here we go.
What is your guys’ advice on a good mechanical keyboard around the $100 range? Don’t want cheap asf build quality, but RGB and all that is optional if it keeps the price down. Mostly want good quality keys+clicky response.
Thanks, and sorry if it’s not MSFS specific, didn’t know where else to ask.

Corsair k55… own it and love it …RGB
Programmable keys…not to complicated

All corsair k series are really good

Plus 1 from me!

It depends on your switch preferences, some like a loud audible click, others prefer a more quiet tactile switch.

I personally would recommend the Logitech G512 as it provides you a choice with whichever switch type you desire, but you can’t go wrong with a Corsair K68, provided you don’t mind the MX reds they use. (edit: the Corsair is also slightly over budget)

I don’t believe that one is mechanical, but I can attest to RGB giving you extra frames and making you a superior gamer bro.

your best and only one friend is google/youtube with your own priorities, and this is not only about keyboard, this is about everything, if i’ll said you - i love my corsair strafe rgb, or must be i would like to take strafe rgb mk2 for save profiles in the hardware memory without use any software - this is just only my own opinion, other guys love many other from logy, or razer or whatever they prefer, and that’s all their opinion, some of them love blue keys, some of them love red or brown, you just may not choice something, like wife(gf) or dog or hardware for pc with use opinions except yours own

Best “keyboard” for sims and gaming? The Razer Tartarus V2.

Probably a bit over $100 but I’m very happy with the Fnatic Streak. Very comfortable, solid build quality, physical volume knob, and the usual selection of MX switches (went with red silent ones to keep the noise down and really like the feel).

All - I own the Logitech G910 Keyboard, and well it has it good points and bad points. I like the clickey keys, but, when I miss key, I get 6-10 extra characters sometimes because it thinks it has gone bonkers. I don’t type on it well, but typed all my life for living, so it and me don’t mesh well. I went back to a couple more keyboards which came with other pc’s and don’t like them either. This one has all the buttons and keys I want, just not as happy with it as I thought I would be. We are all different, so what works for me might not work for you. If not connected directly to USB 3.0 port, it sort of just quits every once in while as well. Now in USB-C powered hub, and no issues. I am looking to change this out, and it need to find good home, since spent $$$ for it actually last year I think. I want to touch and feel as many as possible to see which one I like better than this one. Not sure the height I have it at is not part of the problem, but it is on lowered pull out tray on desk. So it’s on less than 29" desk height. However, have Logitech Trackball, and it lost little rubber foot, tried to get new foot, nope we will send you new unit, so excellent customer service from them. Better to sit in phone queue than online support. Costco has Corsair RGB K55 on sale so will check it out when in store. Logitech makes a wireless gaming KB also, good reviews on YT, not sure it will not conflict with wireless trackball, and it needs to be charged up periodically, so think going to stay with wired one could leave it connected all the time. Best buy used to stock lots of keyboards not so much now, hard to see them in person. So opinions please.

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By the way all, I decided on the Redragon K580pro. Decided to see how the cheaper end keyboards were. And I’m pleasantly surprised. The Outemu optical browns feel nice, and the RGB is on par with Corsair. Dedicated media keys and volume/brightness scroller wheel. It has 5 onboard macro storage too. All in all for $70 this was a good purchase.

Today, I looked at the Logitech G915 and it’s wired sibling the G815. I could not get any store associate to help me with the display model, as I wanted to know which keys it had installed on it. No one could or would help me, and I liked the height and feel of that one, so not sure what I am going to do. I want to feel them and know which key’s it has before I get it. AMZN and Best Buy are the same price for the G815 wired one. The 100 more for the wireless one does not make a whole bunch of sense. I would appreciate any input from owners of either of these keyboards and how you like them. I will check YouTube as well.