Best medium A320 flight routes?

Anyone that has the best routes please comment. Looking for short to medium haul flight. Thank you :))

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Europe is a great place to start. You can do short to medium hauls throughout mainland Europe and into North Africa.
Southeast Asia is great for the 320 Especially if you’re going out of central locations like Manila, Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Australia is great for medium haul flights.

I just recently did short hauls throughout India and Nepal. (Kathmandu is a tough approach and a scary ascent but the scenery is gorgeous!)

I haven’t done US routes yet even though I’m US based.


KMIA - KJFK is always one of my favorites - great scenery as well.

MWCR - MUHA Is a fun short route!

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I’ll definitely look into them. Thank you so much :))

I’ll definitely check them out and try. Sounds really good. Thank you :))

KFSO - KLAX (About an hour flight very nice scenery, the landings at KFSO are amazing 28R)
CYVR - KDEN (Vancouver, Canada to Denver) Very nice scenery leaving Canada seeing the Rockies
KFSO - KPHX ( San Fran to Phoenix ) Nice flight about 2 hours.


I’ll definitely try them out bro :sunglasses:. Tyy

San Franciso = KSFO


Thank you bro

Try NZQN to NZWN in New Zealand. Queenstown has some interesting RNAV departures with all of the surrounding terrain.

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Some of my favourite IFR routes are UK (I start at EGGD) ->
Rome (Fiume or Camp)
Venice (some ATC issues over the Alps with descent altitudes currently)

Or a nice route along the north coast of the Med from Barcelona -> Marseille, Nice

Prob my favourite is UK - Geneva (day or night)

All with ILS approach preselected

Happy flying!


Island hopping in the Aegean is quite fun as well, especially now that the water looks good again. Eg from Athens or Antalya to one of the many islands or vice versa.

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Thank you brotha. Much love :metal:t4::handshake:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Some of the busiest routes in the world are served by the A320 and are around 1.5 hours in length:

Melbourne to Sydney - Australia
Seoul to Jeju - Korea (this one is a lot shorter. Do a turn around and head to Busan)

Most operators use A320s in South East Asia. They fit incredibly well in most cases. Here’s some suggestions:
Singapore to Bangkok
Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi
Danang to Hong Kong
Hong Kong to Taipei
Hong Kong to Shanghai

There’s so many city pairs actually served in SE Asia. Check out Flight Radar 24 for ideas (although currently everything is domestic other than freight)

Thank you, I must have been half asleep writing these lol.

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I ve done 24 leg on Europe from Faroe Island — till Finland… mostly 1-2 hours flight

flying in and out of Hongkong in late afternoon or evening also spectacular (city night scape or tokyo too to surrounding city)

I did plan for multiple city hop in US but not yet done. just completed my DIY A320 cockpit will probably do again

You can do a flight from Toronto (CYYZ/YYZ) to Montreail (CYUL/YUL) flight time is 1 hour.