Best Monitor setup?

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Looking for some advice from a monitor guru specific to MSFS 2020 game play. I would like to purchase a 2nd monitor (same model) for FS2020 as a dual monitor setup.

However, I am worried my 1 year old monitor would show fade or normal wear when up against a brand new one. Any truth to that? Is having a 5/16" monitor bezel in the middle with dual monitors annoying during gameplay? Otherwise I am considering trading up to the Alienware ultra-wide 38" curved monitor. I need to stick with Dell and 48 inches is about the max my desk can hold. Any opinions or recommendations would be great!

Rig Specs:
Monitor - Dell S2721DGF
PC - Alienware R11 (Core i5 4.9GHz, 32GB mem, NVMe SSD 1TB, RTX 2070 Super, SoundBlaster AE-5 Plus

Does MSFS2020 support dual monitors?

I went “whole hog” and bought a Samsung C49RG90SS ultrawide for MSFS2020.


Currently, MSFS does not support dual monitor although there are ways around it or have the other monitor used for things other than a cockpit widow.

As for the original question, would a second monitor of same make / model display differently. Yes, but not just because of the year difference.

You could buy 2 off the shelf and they will not color match out of the box. Can your eye see this? depends on the QC process and tolerances at factory.

You could get a puck, eye, etc… and calibrate the monitors to get them close.

We do this in the medical field especially in diagnostic imaging with companies like BARCO which do offer color / greyscale matching out of the factory on pairs of panels however we still calibrate them.

You’ll also see it often even on youtube videos of peoples home cockpits, whether its MSFS, X-Plane, Etc… you can almost always notice the difference in brightness, color, contrast, etc… between the panels.

I went with an ultrawide curved for the “cockpit” monitor and then a few smaller touch screen panels mounted below for instruments etc… with a knobster.

The nice thing about a big ultrawide monitor is you get the same effect as multi with no bezels.

My setup is 2 HP 27" monitors, once straight on and my main, the other angled and taped behind. When I fly the A320 or Cess 150 (the only 2 I use) I stretch the window so the A Pillar of the plane is on the bezel. I use “windowed” mode, and stetch the width depending on the cesna or the A320 to get the pillar there. Interestingly, when I do a side view in the A320, the next pillar is on the bezel still. By using window mode, I end up with 30 to 40 fps. it is a 1900 (whatever teh exact number is) monitor so not 4K, but looks very good.

Freudian slip? :rofl:

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Thanks all for the great feedback and links for recommendations. I think it is safe to say I am trading up for a nice 38 or 48" widescreen. It’s funny, Samsung has a QLED 49" widescreen for $1200 and Dell’s most comparable monitor is the Alienware 38" widescreen (not even QLED) and it cost the same after sale price and coupon codes. Dell sells a ultrasharp 49" inch for around 800 after coupon codes, but the 60hz refresh rate is stopping me and no G-SYNC support. I may have to abandon Dell for my monitor search.

What is the model of the Samsung?

The SAMSUNG model is LC49RG90SSNXZA. SAMSUNG LC49RG90SSNXZA 49-Inch CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor, Black, QHD, 120Hz : Everything Else

That’s the one I contemplated as well but ultimately went with the Alienware (AW3821DW). Less screen real-estate but better panel technology (IPS) which also offers improved viewing angles.

Higher refresh rate (144hz) and faster response time (1ms).

For myself only, the better technology in a 38" was worth the extra price over the 49" but that was what suited my needs best.


Interesting. My biggest question for you is how does MSFS look on it? Is it like 4k? How does your black colors look on the alienware 38" when flying at night? I read that the blacks are more greys due to the extreme brightness of the monitor.

They look fantastic.

Out of the box it was a bit bright, but after adjusting the colour profiles a bit, they settled down.

No complaints.

Cool. How much of the cockpit in the A320 neo or Boeing 787 can you see with that monitor? EG both pilot and copilot instruments? side windows etc?

Samsung 49" UW. If the $1600 price tag doesn’t scare you away, do it!

NEO Cold & Dark,


Does the 144hz feel smooth when panning camera etc ?

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Very, I get wierd artifacts when using lower.

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Bcs I want to get a 165hz I now have a 75hz and when panning camera or moving mouse in cockpit it doesn’t feel that smooth with some microstutter

Like are you getting no micro stutter when moving with mouse inside cockpit ?

■■■■■ looks good :joy::star_struck:

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No stutters at all using TrackIR.

Ryzen 9 5950X
Geforce 3090 RTX
128GB Mem @ 3600Mhz