Best Nvidia Driver for RTX 3070ti

Finally got hold of a 3070 but I wonder which driver works the best? I feel like getting around 20-25fps in KMIA on the 3070ti on 1440p is not optimal?

The lastest, 471.11, is the best for most people.

If you are getting low FPS, enable Developer Mode and its FPS display and see what is the main thing limiting performance. If you are Main Thread limited, then the CPU is the culprit and one or more cores are running at 100%. If you are GPU limited, which usually happens with high resolution or VR, then as long as your GPU is running at 100% that’s the best you’ll get.

Things may improve on 27 Jul when SU5 hits the streets and reportedly takes a lot of load off the CPU and memory at the very least.


The same thing happens to me, I have a 3070ti and I only manage to get from 20 to 35 fps, can you still find a solution?

Nothing yet, I’m still struggling with 20-25 fps just sitting in tarmac in KMIA for example with a mix of ultra and high setting and at 1440p 100% scaling. Weird that the 3070ti seems to perform worse than the 2070Super I just replaced.

What CPU do you have? KMIA is surrounded in photogrammetry. Quite hard to run if you are pushing certain settings to Ultra. Post your graphics settings and setup. Rest of your hardware is equally as important.
Not running anything special just an i7 10700k with an 2060super on 3440x1440 is hard to run after 4k. Most settings are on High along with a few mods that made me loss a few frames.
However sitting at LATINVFR KMIA Fps can drop lower in rainy conditions.
Driver here is 471.11 which I believe is the latest.