Best OC setting for Palet rtx 3060?

Afternoon. Can anyone advise on how to get the best out of my GPU in regards to Overclocking it? I have the Thundermaster overclock tool. Thanks

I really wouldn’t bother. Save your GPU’s life for when it’s really needed. Overclocking it is unlikely to make a difference in MSFS.

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Well if they are GPU bound (e.g. running 4K at ultra), it certainly will.

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Not true nearly got 7fps alone oc the 2060super due to being very gpu bound and this on 3440x1440

I personally don’t like overclocking… I’d prefer to use my GPU to be durable for over 5 years. Keep it at stock or whichever factory clock it comes with.

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I don’t know what Palit provides within the Thundermaster app. If you really want to OC without overstressing, many people use the app that came with their card. I believe most of them come with two or three settings that have presets such as ECO/Slilent, Gaming and OC. The OC base is probably within the manuafacturer’s testing tolerances; and, set ‘adaptive’ in NCP, so it only peaks when required.
As has been pointed out by many on the forum, MSFS is CPU-bound and only uses a single core because of DX11, so there’s a lot of pipeline queuing before the GPU gets to render.
I note that ASOBO is looking to release a DX12 upgrade sometime this year: Nvidia: “DX12’s focus is on enabling a dramatic increase in visual richness through a significant decrease in API-related CPU overhead”.

Get yourself Aftertburner and Kombuster(both are free from MSI and work with any card). This app will let you OC, then stress test with Kombuster without doing any damage to your GPU.
But in all honesty, with a RTX3060 you really shouldn’t bother, and if you do, make it a very small OC. Why risk your warranty?

Thanks for your feedback. Thundermaster is Palit’s overclock app. It was something I’ve only looked into and trying to achieve the best out of the card.

I used Thundermaster OC app because its Palit’s version. Just trying to seek ways of getting the best out of the card. AmiableGalaxy9 has mentioned the CPU. I use a Ryzen 7 3700x and i have the Ryzen master overclock app for this, so I’ll concerntrate on the CPU. I asked about OC the card in the hopes it may get me better gameplay within the sim. Thanks for your feedback👍