Best settings for reduction of stutters and CPU bound situations for SU 10 final

What about collecting settings which helped you:

  1. Avoiding CPU bound limitations and therefore gaining fps
  2. Reducing stutters

for SU 10 (in case of Nvidia GPU with latest Nvidia drivers - at least 517.40)
Maybe for 2D and VR?

My system is 12700k, 3080, 32 GB DDR 4: 2D

  1. Reducing SS from 8x8 to 6x6 got me additional 15% more fps. No visual downside deteted.
  2. Same as for 1 plus not having TOD higher than 140

Feedback very much appreciated. This could help everybody to find quicker the best compromise for their systems.


Adding to your list. For me, it’s also AI traffic. Live traffic isn’t as much of an impact but AI traffic is definitely a hard CPU hitter.

I’ve been running AIG with the CPU Affiinity set to not use the MSFS main core. That seems to really help me.

On a gaming laptop. Razer Blade 15, OLED 4K, 10875h, 2080S maxq, 32Gb, NVMe.

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I am playing MSFS SU10 in 2D on Windows 10, CPU i7 6700k (hyperthreading on), 16 Gb ram 2666 Ghz ddr4

GPU is GTX 1080 Ti, Nvidia Studio Driver 517.40

LG monitor g-sync compatible (v-sync off) @ 1920x1080

In sim settings are: render scaling 120, TAA, graphic settings all on Ultra except TLOD and OLOD @ 150

AI traffic 25%, live traffic off, all other traffic settings 50%

In Developer mode, the CPU and GPU are shown having almost the same timing for main thread and render thread, sign of good balance between the two (noted I have upped the render scale to load more the GPU and improving the antialiasing). I learned to pay attention at CPU and GPU balance by reading several threads in this forum.

I reckon VR and higher monitor / TV resolution are much more demanding on the GPU, requiring more powerful systems and different settings

In flight, even above dense photogrammetry cities, fps are averaging 45 and the g-sync paired with LG monitor LFC (low frame compensation) yelds very smooth motion (I tried v-sync on and fps lock at 30 fps but got results noticeably less smooth)

On airliners in busy airports, frame rate drops around 20-25 but the sim is very playable because the ‘stutter’ effect due to the low fps is regular and apparent only when turning the aircraft or panning around the view (I have the motion blur effect turned on as this helps to smooth the in-cockpit and external changes of view direction)

Yeah, I don have have the latest and fastest pc on earth, still with the settings I use the sim is very smooth with no stutters, showing gorgeous, believeble graphics

Hope this helps - Cheers


Thanks for starting this thread. Im looking for this information as well with a very similar PC. Adding your screen resolution might be helpful.

Well,had a couple of flights , been tinkering with what I have read on the forums

Had a great flight this morning from EGCC to LPFR using AIG , DX12 , DLSS , FPS locked by RTSS at 40 fps flying the PMDG 737-800
Ramped up the AMD slider to 200 and reduced my texture resolution from ultra to high
Other settings a mix of high and ultra , clouds on ultra
Buttery smooth flight, best. Have ever had in the sim
My specs:
Gpu 2080 super 8gb vram undervolted
Cpu 10700k
32gb 3600mhz ram
Nvme 1tb
Studio driver 517.40
Monitor 1440p gsync 120hz, vsync off
TLOD 150
OLD 150

Only issue is the slight ghosting of the fmc numbers, but not a major issue if you have DLSS on quality
The only other issue was the payware EGCC airport on taking off from 23L slight artifacting of cars shimmering across the runway
But at the payware LPFR airport all looked great

Hope it wasn’t a one off :thinking:

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AFAIK CPU get hammered mainly by TLOD and LOD, both at 150 for me, Clouds(go down to HIGH), Display panel refresh (Medium or LOW help) and… I forget! I’ll be back ASAP


12900kf/3080ti/32gb/5120x1440 Full Screen

ULTRA preset / 200TLOD / Live Traffic / No AI traffic /Vsync @ 40 FPS

DX11 / DLSS Quality

This gives me stutter-free 40 FPS 99% of the time. Will drop into the mid 30’s with the 320 at Heathrow or KJFK. These settings have the added advantage of lowering the GPU power draw by 50 to 65 watts…good for temps and good for environment!

If I turn off Vsync and DLSS, the sim runs between 50 and 65 FPS 99% of the time with the same mid 30’s with big airport/big airplane. Since I’m perfectly happy with 40 smooth FPS, I see no point in running it this way.

I haven’t used DX12 much as it’s not a smooth for me at this time. I’ll try it again when the new nVidea driver comes out.


The 1080ti is still a powerful GPU.
Excellent, that you have a very smooth experience with your settings and a 6700k.

I am a bit suprised you seem not to have issues with your LG (is it true G-Sync?).
Normally the lowest frequency is 48 Hz for many monitors and below that the frequency gets doubled/trppled if necessary (e.g. fps of 38 will be 72 for your monitor). And it looks like you cross this boundary very often. Which monitor do you have?

At FHD it may give you more fps if you reduce SS to 4x4 and AF to 8.

I personally had hopes on DLSS but at the moment I have significantly better visuals with TAA, too.
You could try in Nvidia 3d Settings for MSFS programm to set a limit at 35-40 fps. Maybe delivers better results than V-Sync at 30 which is not playing well together with G-Sync.
35-40 fps is already noticeably better than 30.

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Hi there,

the exact model of my monitor is LG 27GL650F-B, it is a G-Sync compatible, not a ‘true’ G-Sync (it does not have the internal Nvidia microchip)

You are right that below 48 fps this monitor doubles/triples the display frequency, this model has LFC function (low frame compensation) that, when the display frequency is incresed, the ‘missing’ frames are generated by showing 2/3 times the same frame

I made several tests in the past, to determine whether v-sync on with capped fps (and g-sync off) or g-sync on with uncapped fps (and v-sync off) would result in the smoothest panning around with no tearing

Well, for my system (and to my eyes) the second option (g-sync on with uncapped fps) definitely yelds the smoothest result and I settled using that

The change in display frequency indeed causes a slight change in image brightness (brighter when frequency is higher), I found it barely noticeable on still pictures (i.e. during loading) but invisible to my eyes while flying

I definitely agree with you that 40 fps are visibly smoother than 30 fps, I even tried to cap to that value in Nvidia Control Panel, still yelding a result slightly less pleasing to my eyes if compared to g-sync on uncapped

I admit having repeated often ‘to my eyes’ because I think everyone has a different sensibility when looking at monitor or TV, hence probably there is not a solution optimal for everyone…

Happy flights!


Sorry, I think maybe a typo : can you clarify the second option, the one you settled on? In one paragraph it’s gsync on, and the next paragraph it’s gsync off :wink:

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Wait for the new nVidia Game Ready Driver which is anticipated to drop this week (likely Tuesday). It should allow you to use DX12 and get rid of the CPU bottleneck, which will render most suggestions people give for optimizing CPU in DX11 obsolete.

Or if you already have the new studio driver, most folks can already switch to DX12, removing the CPU bottleneck.

Heya, sorry for the confusion and thanks for pointing out - indeed was a typo :sweat_smile:
I have corrected my post and confirm, the setting that gives me the smoother result is: g-sync on, fps uncapped, v-sync off
Have nice-and-smooth flights :hugs:

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Thanks for clarifying! That does indeed match my own settings. My frames are actually pretty good, but I can’t seem to get if those stutters no matter what I try.

Trying not to get my hopes up about this mythical new driver …

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SU10 definitely has much higher CPU loading than previous versions. I had to reduce Terrain LOD and Object LOD to around 130 each to get frame rates to be around 30FPS and bring the CPU load (all cores) down from pegged at 100% to a more manageable 80% in clear weather. These are much lower settings than I had in SU9.

The game became even more CPU bound than it has before. This seems to be the case in every release. When the game came out I was getting consistently 60FPS and up (and back then it was with a 1080Ti). Over time it became more and more taxing on the CPU.

  • i7 7700K @4.2GHz
  • 32GB RAM DDR4
  • Nvidia 3080 Ti 12GB
  • all SSDs

DLSS obviousely makes no difference in this situation, because the bottleneck is not the GPU. It’s the CPU.


You can use the ultra preset but don’t use textures nor clouds settings on ultra with it. Change them to high instead. We saw during beta that in particular the textures ultra setting overloads memory usage, so for cards up to 12 GB it’s not the best choice. The clouds ultra setting has a high performance hit too, in particular under heavy clouds weather. You can leave TLOD on 200.

This is what I currently use with a similar setup like yours: 12900ks, 3080TI and 64 GB RAM.


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Maybe try out to reduce TLOD to 100-110. I think there will be not much difference in visual quality but you could gain some fps up to the range of 35-45.

What do you mean by AIG?

Which one is that then?

AIG is the product for adding in AI airplane traffic outside of what the sim does. If you do a search in these forums you should see some threads on it. And I’d share the link to their site but it seems it’s not loading, at least for me.

Hi! Forgive me, I don’t understand your question. If I read you correctly, do you mean which core? It varies by each person’s system. For me it’s Core 0. You’ll have to open Task Manager an make sure you set your CPU graph to Logical Processors.

Since I wrote this though, I’ve been using DX12 which balances my cores a lot better. So I’m no longer using the affinity settings for AIG.

Oh and I’m on SU11 beta.