Best Small Airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

What is youf fave small airport in those three countries? Stock MSFS airports, not addons.

My Homebase…Berne Airport (LSZB)!

Perfect for some short flights to the alps…


Beautiful airport. Thanks for the heads up. Love that island mountain in that valley.

[LOIR] - Reutte-Höfen Airport, Austria is right in the middle of beautiful mountain scenery and has been created as high spec freeware here: [LOIR] - Reutte-Höfen Airport, Austria » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Here is my favorite airfield Oerlinghausen EDLO. Small airfield but one of the largest gliding schools.
My home.
With the super beautiful scenery from KandesBunzler631

[EDLO] Segelflugplatz Oerlinghausen » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Why stock airports? The beauty comes from the community :wink:


LSZR is definitely the best modelled Stock airport in Switzerland. It was included in the WU6 update. :slight_smile:

Additionaly, check, there are lots of great sceneries for switzerland. Samedan for example, a very special and challenging airport. IRL you need to pass a test and have to do anintroduction-flight to be allowed to fly there. :slight_smile:

Theres Lugano aswell and lots of other nice sceneries:

For Austria, check this two guys, they do awesome work:


Thanks HXArdito! Just flew Samden. Amazing valley. Well done airport. Will try the others soon.