Best way to contact Microsoft for Marketplace refunds (UK)?


Purchased a couple of airports that simply don’t work on Xbox. I have raised a Zendesk ticket but in the past I’m sure I pursued a different, much quicker avenue that another user kindly linked. Anyone aware of it?

Thanks in advance…

The best way to do this is open a Zendesk ticket:

However, it’s unlikely they’ll refund you. It states:


You can’t request a refund. Marketplace purchases are not refundable unless the DLC was removed from the Marketplace at the creator’s request. If your addon was removed from Xbox, contact our support, otherwise, contact the developer of the addon.

There have been cases where they have refunded people but as I said, it’s very unlikely. (source:

Worth a shot asking though.

Thanks. I don’t think they have a choice in the UK as consumer laws are pretty strict - if a product doesn’t work as advertised, it’s unfit for purpose. I can’t use either.

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I don’t think the Marketplace complies with UK or EU laws in several respects.

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It has to… but they do have a crafty work-around in that you don’t directly buy the product, but rather FS credits (which you then use to make the purchase). Still, they are required to reimburse those credits if what they’re advertising isn’t fit for purpose. You simply can’t sell a product that doesn’t work on the platform for which it’s advertised.

The dev is basically exonerated because the contract is between the buyer and the entity selling the product (i.e. Microsoft, via their Marketplace).

VAT receipts?

What about them?

Proof of purchase including price paid and amount of tax. Try asking Microsoft for one. Without that you would have a hard time claiming a refund under UK/EU law.

The receipt that Microsoft emails has a cost breakdown that specifies the VAT. The only thing it doesn’t specify is the item. Microsoft sells me credits, which are exchanged for products.

They just refunded the first one…

I just bought an aircraft mod, that I found to be really low quality (got it from the fs store). I tried to make a refund, but I had already made refund this year. The thing is that I dont want to have this mod at all (cause of the low quality). Not on par with any other plane mod I have.

Can I contact microsoft some other way about this?