Best XBOX throttle key bind

Could anyone suggest an alternative to the default key bind for the throttle on Xbox. The throttle position can easily be changed unintentionally when interacting with the cockpit and this is especially frustrating in the A320neo, for example where the Climb detent must be maintained or Autothrottle is disengaged.

Are you using the Xbox controller or a Hotas?

Xbox Controller mainly, but I have a Hotas Thrustmaster too.

If it’s an Xbox compatible HOTAS you could use the throttle on that no? Even if you prefer to actually fly with the gamepad you could just use the hotas for the throttle? - doesn’t the Xbox offer the ability to have more than one input device active at the same time?

Yes you can use more than one input device at the same time ,I’ve got HOTAS keyboard, mouse and xbox pad all connected at the same time to xbox series X and they all work just fine

I’m on PC, but I’d assume it’s likely the right trigger.

I have a problem which happens when after landing. The throttle (B button) will go full throttle after I have landed and trying to slow down (x button). So I try to lower the throttle again and it is actively fighting with me to go full throttle.

I found a great default keybind combo accidentally
Whenever you want to to put your throttle to idle position (reverse to idle or when flaring from CL detent to idle) press A+B simultaneously. Works perfectly.

At first I thought it was because of the various AI assists so I turned off all AI assists but it still happens. I will try the AB button combo to see if that works. Thanks

Sure you’re not put putting it into reverse thrust?