Better AA would be nice SMAA for 1080p screens or better quality TAA

A better representation of TAA would be nice or an SMAA option @TheOriginalBabu mentioned under his wishlist ‘’ * Clearer image with TAA’’
It kinda looks smeared not blurry though.Most of us here either run 1080p.Rendering scale helps but it takes a large chunk of performance the higher you go.
Example Resident evil 3 has an SMAA and TAA option but the SMAA option appears much sharper minus artifacts but doesn’t tank performance.I find many other games or other simulators I’ve used appear much crisper and clearer on 1440p.

I solved my issue by resetting my Nvidia CPL but I think there should be an option for 1080p users since the vast majority are on 1080p screens

I agree, I fly in 1080 and TAA is awful. Shimmering textures and overall AA is poor. Render scale is not an option because it kills my 2080, maybe the 3080/90 will do better.

You can combine SMAA and in game TAA on reshade, however it also applies to the text, making it fuzzy.

IIRC steam version only, :slight_smile:

Yes same thing here I’m running a 27 inch 2560x1440p monitor which looks slightly better than my 1080p monitor but it’s not a huge improvement over 1080p at least in this sim.

Resident evil 3 with Smaa on without TAA a looks crisp and clear but they are strange artifacts present.
Maybe I’ll just have to get a 4k monitor and turn settings down on my current setup.

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Yeah, some effects (usually SSR / SSAO) are designed with TAA in mind and aren’t denoised without TAA.

@TheOriginalBabu @B787Pilot3222 Looks like I got the issue fixed resetting my Nvidia CPL settings to default. Doesn’t rule the sim needs better AA for 1080p.
TAA tends to only work best @1440p and more suited for 4k

My 1080 monitor isn’t cutting it because the picture quality is bad no matter the settings and render scale kills my 2080. Hopefully the 3080/90 handles render scale better or else I’ll need to upgrade my monitor.

Because of TAA which tends to soften/blurs images.One of the very reasons I bought a 1440p monitor earlier this year. I have noticed lots of new games using TAA. My 2060super is handling 1440p pretty well in this sim with GA planes and. Your 2080 is still the superior card. I do not need to increase rendering scale on my 1440p monitor.
Looks like messing with certain Nvidia settings can affect image quality.

Really? I can manage 1440p30 on a GTX 1080 on high-ultra. Try render scaling of 140-150,

My FPS drop quite a bit at 150. I’ll go from 40 - 25, not as fluid. I keep render scale at 130.

I installed the new drivers and it’s made a difference.

AA is particularly terrible on the small touch panel in the TBM930. Looks like it’s turned off.

I agree. The point where this is so far the biggest problem for me is reading the altimeter pressure setting. Even though I’m zooming in to see better, it’s really hard for the eyes to focus on the blurry small numbers. For now, the cockpit tool tips help with that, but as soon as those can be disabled, I will disable them and that help will also be gone. 1080p monitor user here.

You can also try image sharpening or use the freestyle option.I am experimenting with it right now.I feel the sim was not designed for anything below 4k in mind. There will be a proper solution over super sampling just don’t know when or what.

Eh 4k is hard to run and takes 2x the performance and many cannot run 4K.Im sure majority of the people running this are on 1080p.
Yeah the pixel density on 1080p is low for this sim.It doesn’t bother someone who wants better performance and ignores the lower quality image.

As of now 2560x1440 is the best compromise it’s not as sharp as 4k but it gives you better performance over 4k and better quality over 1080p and from the votes alone looks like the majority do not care for it.