Bezel cockpit button

anyone know any internet compagny who are selling pre made button for g1000 gns530 autopilot etc… ?
i found this one but it’s only for g1000

I make them with a 3d print but the lettering is far from perfect right now.

I saw a video where the guy prints all his buttons with white PLA. Paints them black. Then gently wet sands the fronts of the buttons, exposing the white lettering. They looked just as good as the ones you linked.
Here it is 3D Printed Flight Simulator G1000 Bezel Build - YouTube
All his files are on Thingiverse too.

i know this video, yes im doing the same 3d printing then painting and sanding letters, but it’s very time consuming to do all the work.

I just did a filament change and it took a lot less time and looked great

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That’s the G1000 setup I printed and am using

Good idea. Ive been looking for a reason to order Snapmaker’s dual filament head :smiley: Is that G1000 1:1 size with a real one?

I might try filament change, it should be easier than painting and sanding these buttons.

I only have a single head Ender 3 Pro. I just paused at layer 42, changed the filament and resumed printing. My second attempt was perfect. I had the resolution set to standard not high resolution the first time. They came out great after the change. No I think the size is slightly smaller. By maybe a 1/2 inch or so. I’m working on my own design now that will be a perfect match. I will print all the buttons with TPU filament ( black and white) so they have that rubber feel. I’m toying with the idea of designing a complete plug and play panel that I can sell to those who don’t want to build one. I’m really loving the designing and building now. The combination of MF and Arduino’s make for a nice clean build. I wouldn’t provide the MF software but can provide the configuration files. Like you said before. This building stuff is addictive. :grin::grin:. I will have three complete panels when this G1000 one is done. We are leaving tomorrow for our month long camping trip off the grid so more updates when I get back.

Make sure to use a .2 nozzle and ultra setting. Mine came out perfect.

Hope you have a great trip. See you in a month.