Big fps drop with Bush trip

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Brief description of the issue:

When I start a bush trip from the 7th or 8th leg, my fps drops to around 5fps and my cpu is at +60ms. When I choose the same airport and plane from the world map I have my normal stable 35fps (in VR) with a cpu overhead of +60%.
It’s not the map or navlog causing this.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

In my case I’m flying the Perfect Flight Flying Japan bush trip. When I start the 8th leg I have this issue, but I had exactly the same issue with other bushtrips in later legs.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

I9 9900, 2080S, G2 Reverb

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Flew one bush trip myself, the canyon chopper one.
FPS dropped after about 20mins. Not as much as you, but very noticeable.
Intel i9-10900, nVidia 2080S, 32GB, effective 1440p resolution.

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When I start the 8th leg and I see the big ‘ready’ button in VR, the fps is at a normal 35fps. As soon as I press ‘ready’ is drops to 5fps and my cpu usage goes skyhigh.

To test I went back to the 7th leg, normal 35fps. Back to the 8th leg and 5fps.

I remember I had the same issue when I made a huge flightplan with maybe 200 waypoints, when I continued my flight about halfway I had the same fps drop. The only fix was to delete the plan and make a new one starting from that airport.

The Flying Japan has around 100 or something… if I’d have to guess I think this fps issue has something to do with that…