Big Internet connction bug / Connect to Internet and it disconnects minutes after


  • I’m using the microsoft store version
  • I have multiple liveries and the A32NX flybywire add-on. I haven’t remove the files fromthe community folder yet. Still want to know if there is a possibility before removing everything in it.
  • I’m not using the Developpers Mod
  • Everytime I want to launch the game the game says that I’m not connected to the Internet but everything is working perfectly well because I’m chatting in discord with my friends. Sometimes it reconnects but minutes after it disconnects. I can’t use the shop or the online services and this is really annoying. Can’t even play with my friends and don’t have the voice of ATC.

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  • Just launch the game and I have this nitification telling me thaht I’m offline and it will trry to reconnects to the Internet.
    PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
    Intel i7, 16Gb of ram, 1Tb of SSD, RTX 3060 ti
    Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
    Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?
    Microsoft store version
    Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?

By the way, I can’t even choose a server it says “automatic” and I don’t have the list of servers to choose one

I’m using the european servers all the time

If anybody know a solution or something please tell me asap

Open your Xbox game bar and sign out of xbox live. Also open the Microsoft store and sign out. Launch MSFS and I think you should be prompted to sign back in. See if this works.

I have the same problem. I wrote to Zendesk, but still no results
i have tried all the solutions for days, no results, no problems with modem and internet, no problems with other applications and windows, the only problem is MSFS 2020

Okay I will try it now

Yep same for me I tried to contact the assistance but the only answer that they told me is to use a wired internet connection, but that’s alredy what I’m using so yes. I alos tried to find some help in the official discord but they didin’t find me a solution so I’m still waiting to find a solution or maybe with time it will be solved

That’s really annoying you pay to have a game who always have a problem

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Also check date & time settings and click sync now.

Restart PC

Love your PP man :slight_smile:
I will try this solution right now

Also make sure that date & time in BIOS and OS are the same


Turn on multiplayer.

ok I restarted the PC but nothing has changed
Multiplayer is already on

For testing purpose turn off AV software.

Ok I will do it

Hello, I tryed to remove all my files in the community folder nothing of different happens.
I also switch off and on the online services and I had the shop returning to life again but some minutes later everything went back to the same problem

Do I need to do something or I can only use a buggy game for a very long time ?

log out of xbox live, reboot pc, log in to xbox live, launch msfs and all should be well

I’ve done everything possible including reinstalling the entire sim. Still drops connection all the time. The problem with not everyone having this issue is I feel like it’s gonna be some time before I can actually play this sim again. I haven’t been able to connect for almost 2 weeks. When we look for help, some will try to help (thank you for trying) and of course most just saying that theirs has no problem, it’s all in my head.

I already tried it but I’m gonna re-doing it