Big problem starting delay

H, after last Italy update I wait 20/25 minuts to open my FS2020. 7/8 looking for update, 15/20 minuts to load the software… How it’s possible??

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Maybe you have already tried but did you empty your community folder of any mods?

Yes I tried and the time to wait is a little bit less but something doesn’t work
Thank you


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I dont know if our problems are related but starting yesterday I have major performance issues only affecting msfs. Everything else on my pc works great, incl. other high demand games.

Lowering settings on my end are not fixing the performance problems. Tried every adjustment in Nvidia settings. Also tried emptying community folder and opening in safe mode. All to no success.

1/10 times I start the sim, it starts clean no issue. All the rest, it either fails to load up or opens in a low performance state with significant FPS degradation and eventually CTD.

If you find a solution keep us posted please!

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