Big Tire Productions Kitfox

$32.95 over at the X-Plane store…buy for X-Plane, get it free for MSFS or vice versa. I had it for X-Plane for awhile so it was a nice surprise!

Screenshot doesn’t do it justice…sorry I haven’t figured out the drone camera yet. He still needs to implement a few things…


I believe Trent Palmer is working with a company to build a more realistic flight sim model of his actual plane. I’m going to wait till that one is completed. this one is not endorsed by him and I would much rather fly the more realistic model of his.


I’m not sure who that is. Is he the owner of Kitfox? I’m sure there are lots of payware aircraft not endorsed by the companies.

Source? I’d love to support Trent if he’s working on that


Trent Palmer is a youtuber who does a lot of bush flying in his own kitfox. He’s not the owner of kitfox but he’s still a very cool guy to follow


Ah cool. I’ll check him out. Always loved the Kitfox…nice little bush plane!

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from a bush flying facebook group. I am waiting till he has one out.


thanks! I would love to fly that someday

Fly it?
I would buy it!


Lol well obviously I’m going to buy it whenever it releases. just curious if he meant that it would be for msfs or xp11, hoping for msfs

Any updates on that new Kitfox ?



That’s great news! Now if only Mike Patey would do the same for Draco … or maybe Scrappy … hehe

4 Likes Must see video for Trent’s Freedom Fox

No, please, or I’ll go Bankrupt !!!

Also, people who would buy that plane and don’t know the real one, would say, “that climb rate is not realistic” :joy:


Haha so true!

It seems that “Big Tire Producions” has changed their name to “BT Studio” …

Absolutely would take a model of Scrappy - love its paint job!!!

Would also love a model of Mikes Race plane, that would be awesome!!

Additionally would like to see “Best Tugs” in the Game especially for GA, would be interesting to see if the current tugs could be skinned for “Best tug”, but its way beyond my skills.


Possible issue with the newly KitFox.

I can operate the Flaps lever between the seats… but it does not adjust any external control surfaces.

What appears to be the flaps are not affected using the flap lever. Only by pushing the joystick left and right do they move.

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Looking at actual aircraft like this it looks like they use a system called a flaperon. Maybe its not possible to use something like this in MFS’s current state?

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I don’t recommend picking this up in its current state, very much unfinished. Flaps don’t work, missing fuel controls including mixture…