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I recently purchased just the Summer N Winter S pack from the marketplace as it was on offer, installed it and looked at both UK (summer) then Argentina (winter) but nothing changed from the default trees and colourings. Do I need something else to make the marketplace versions of his packs work?


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Do you know a contact email for the vendor as I bought it from the microsoft store? Cheers.

Can you explain your problem more exactly ?
I am using it too,no problems.



How did you install it? With the new automatic seasons, you have to run the Bijan Seasons application and set up how you want things installed. You should be able to find it on your start menu.

I bought just the one version through the marketplace on the sim. So it doesn’t have any app downloaded, it just downloads with the others in my content list.

I can’t see any difference in the southern hemisphere countries like Argentina… shouldn’t they be winter tress and landscape now?

I’m currently talking with Bijan who is trying to be helpful but I am a bit confused, and it sounds like he is too. He says I should check my community folder and check the season files etc. But, as I explained, when you buy something from the marketplace within the sim MSFS installs it for you and nothing is in the community folder for it. It’s like when you buy an airport from the marketplace, there is no airport actually in the community folder. It’s in the official folder.

If you bought it from the Marketplace, then that season should automatically be installed. My advice is fly over an area vanilla (where there are a lot of foliage and trees) Then fly the same area with Bijan particular season installed…see if you notice any difference.

Choose an area where there is a lot of foliage and different trees, and Colour.

I maybe wrong but I bought it from Simmarket but the whole 4 seasson with the Season auto installer.

Also, am I getting this right you go into the official folder or community folder, your not seeing a “Bijan” folder?

I can guess the following:
Search for your usercfg.opt and in there, look for the very last line.
There is your path to the community folder.Sometimes I’ve noticed,when I was helping other people,
that they had two community folders,for what so ever reasons!


Looks like good news! As you can see from the picture of my plane at SPGL I tried it with and without my season addon and I believe there is a difference. The trees look greener now. What do you think?

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Hi Scott.

No, just the one on my usercfg file, but I think I’ve fixed it. Take a look at the latest post and the picture I’ve uploaded and let me know what you think.



Yes, it’s in my ‘offical’ folder. Looks like it might be working. Take a look at the picture I’ve uploaded.

It’s very strange because when Bijan tested another area with me his trees looked more wholesome and better when we tried another airport. Maybe because he has all the seasons and more trees available in his folders?


Yeah looks good.But before you buy the other packs,consider to have a look at REX AccuSeason.


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What are the main differences? Do you have any photo comparisons?

Just have a look on their website.


Just to be clear, you’ve been in touch with Bijan within the last fortnight? Did he happen to give any indication as to when (or more pertinently if) he plans to start working on his products again?

I’m afraid to say that Seasons has big issues in the latest SU10 beta and is causing a fairly substantial performance hit of ~10fps. It’s gone from being my absolute must have addon to me having to uninstall it.

Really hoping he’s a) OK and b) back before SU10 releases proper!

He didn’t mention issues with SU10 to me. I’ve found the changes when installing the addon as very subtle and I was hoping for something a bit more pronounced (ie more color changes in the trees and ground textures etc.) So I think either I’ll look at the REX seasons or wait til the sim itself has seasons.