BIKF Keflavik Airport by MK-Studios CTD & ILS offset


I just bought the payware scenery from MK-STUDIOS “BIKF Keflavik Airport” and was on final ILS approach for RWY 28 (ILS Freq. 108.500).

The ILS was complete offset from runway and at 8nm, the sim crashed completely and I was forced to desktop.

Anyone else with this Issues or is it just on my end? Thanks for support

I’ve noticed the ILS is offset at Orbx ESGG when it shouldn’t be but no issues with crashing. Don’t have BIKF.

Orbx have said they are just waiting to see if it fixes itself after the next sim update…

I noticed this offset problem as well when I was testing autoland on the A320nx on runway 01. I took over when I saw the plane was heading left of the runway. I haven’t flown into BIKF after the nordic update but I will check it out.
Edit: I did a couple of ILS approaches both into 28 and 01 and they looked actually pretty good. So I’m not sure if my previous problem has been solved. Time to check out the 320 again.

Since this is a third party made airport, it’s not a Bugs & Issues topic. it’s been moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:airports. Please reserve Bugs & Issues for stock simulation concerns only. Thanks.

If you are getting repeated ctd when flying into BIKF, I wonder if it may be related to the addon “Zinertek Airport Graphics”, which is causing some problems in Iceland (particularly BIIS) for others that have it. Details here.

Currently all ILS of ESGG and ESMS (ORBX) have a big localizer offset, ILS centered, approaching from the side.
Do we have to open a support ticket somewhere?

I use this site for raising support tickets with ORBX:

I did raise one yesterday for the offset issue at ESGG

Thanks for the fast reply, the issue ESMS will be the same, I’ll do some more testflights today and might also post a ticket.
Regards, Herbert

Same ILS offset issue using default airports, so no Orbx issue.
Opened up a Zendesk report.



today orbx central pushed out an update (v.1.0.2 ) from mk-studios. almost 2.7GB in size. maybe this could fix the issues for some ppl.

I cant find any changelog for v.1.0.2, so if somebody got intel and would post it here, I’m very thankful.

Default FS BIKF is wrong also so that’s the source of the problem. I noticed this when I was planning a flight and the Jeppesen charts I found were different runways, ILS chart runway 29, but simbrief and FS runway 28. I guess old data is used, the airport must have changed the runways ‘recently’.

BIKF has 4 runways in real life:
01/19 and 10/28

Runway 29 isn’t existing any more … so you use outdated charts.


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Correct, those charts were outdated. The simbrief and FS approach data are right and I thought because the runways have changed that would explain the ILS being off, however it’s off to the left so it doesn’t make sense.

Well, close to getting a navigraph subscription so the old charts are going to be a thing of the past soon :wink:

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Has anyone had any luck getting in touch with MK Studios, I’ve had a ticket open with them since the beginning of July with no reply.

I did not send a ticket yet but if it takes MK Studios so long just for a reply, I would vote with my wallet next time.

This is absolutely not acceptable from a payware developer!

I still haven’t gotten a reply from them, I’ve submitted a ticket through Sim market for assistance with getting in touch with them. They’ve said that they’ve forwarded my ticket to MK but I haven’t heard anything so far

maybe if they answer someday, could you please post the reply here?

If they, against all odds, would reply I’ll update

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An update… still no reply, like seriously… Are these people still in business or have they closed down?

So I FINALLY managed to get in contact with MK-Studios, if you open a ticket with them and get no reply to it, the way to go seems to be to write them on Facebook…

Because why have a ticket system if you’re not gonna bother to look at it

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