Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport CYTZ - Missing Sceneries

Sceneries are missing from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport CYTZ and surrounding Islands.

There are many different types Cruise ships which tour around the Islands near CYTZ Airport.

The Islands have bird sanctuaries, have many very old towers, have several places along the Islands where boaters are parked where they have barbeques on land, the Islands also have historical regular boat rowing competitions, One of the Islands have a boat yard for repairing boats with cranes, along the shoreline there are Water Taxis taking passengers from Harbor Front to people who live on the Islands, or passengers to the Toronto Island, There is a regular Ferry taking tourists from the Toronto Harbor Front to the Toronto Island and back.
Along the shores there are Rental Boaters renting powered boats, Canoes plus more Water Taxis locations near the shores.

There is a police station near the CYTZ Airport on the shore with a police Boat Hangar plus Water Fire fighters boats.

Before COVID-19 CYTZ have many types of airplanes, maty types of helicopters in and out of the CYTZ Airport, Including military helicopters, Canadian Rescue Helicopters, Air Ambulance Helicopters, Helicopters Training new pilots etc. They would fly 24/7.

Just east of CYTZ huge tankers come into shore to unload large cargo ships and or load large cargo ships that can easily be seen from the shores of the water fronts. There is also a bridge that raises to allow ships to cross the rivers,.

The bridges are missing from the Queensway, many building detail’s are missing, Bridges are missing from the Don Valley parkway etc.

There are also many large historical sailboats taking people on tours, there are many types of boats traveling along the waters of Lake Ontario near CYTZ. There are several Skidoos as well.

Hopefully this can be corrected soon.

You may be expecting too much. This is my usual airport but have no expectations of corrections unless someone does a scenery update as have been done for a few locations like London and Los Vegas. Toronto is not popular enough. There is at least a two dimensional ship at the Red Path dock. There are many inaccuracies with elevations. One river, think the Credit is a wall way up in the Air. At least downtown Toronto is passable.

Never said the entire world in every location was photo realistic nor would it be realistic to have photo realism for the thousands of airports around the world… Those would be a totally unrealistic expectations, esepically in Year One of this version of the game. You do see thru “Contents” no extra charge photorealism or trying to get there with U.S., Japan and areas of Europe with more focus on some of the large cities such as NYC, London, Paris, Los Vegas. The game end of day is a business so has to appeal especially in early days to the largest number. Would suggest if will see any areas of Canadamore developed, would more likely be the west coast or Banff/Lake Louise areas or Niagara Falls; of far greater interest. Niagara Falls is quite disappointing.
Closer to to Toronto, someone did do the airport. The airport also has one of the “famous” landing challenges, my favourite to try. The downtown core area is not too bad. I also notice in the marketplace, a large number of Canadian airports, with many of the smaller ones including Buttonville and Brampton/Caledon. Most world airports photo realism are payware.
We are a tiny population with small numbers of members. And for me in this game, it is the rest of the world I enjoy visiting, places have never been or ever will.

Hi ViaticCar54444,
CYTZ area is a world tourist attraction.
Millions of dollars has been injected into making CYTZ area a first class world attraction that continues to be developed.

MSFS 2020 has already generated millions of dollars in all sectors of the simulation industry and it is growing since its release and as MSFS 2020 continues to be updated regularly so do its profits.

In the news it has been projected that MSFS 2020 will generate well beyond a Billion dollars accross the simulation industry in simulation flight controls, flight gear, computers etc. plus plugins for MSFS 2020.

CYTZ photo realistic sceneries was in all of the previous Microsoft Flight Simulators as well as the Robinson helicopter plus the Bell 206 helicopter.

I am looking forward to seeing the many MSFS 2020 upcoming updates.

I have found many MSFS 2020 plugins since the beginning of this conversation.

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The first time i flew from BB airport the rogers centre and CN tower were there but now they are gone , any idea what to do to get them back??

Is your bing maps on/photogrammetry?

In MSFS 2020, under the Heading DATA/ Turn on Photogrammetry.

CN tower is there as well as Rogers Centre.

If you are familiar with the area which is where I live and if you fly east past the Don Valley Parkway you will find the landscape is many years outdated.

Meaning the landscape no longer looks the way it is shown by BING Maps.

Meaning Bing Maps has not updated the landscape for many years.

Which brings me to the next point.

People who live around around the world should fly over the areas where they currently live and report in this thread if the Bing Maps is also severely outdated for the area they live in.

Also Bing Maps needs a severe upgrade to its resolution of its photo geometry because its resolution in pixels presently is horrible, absolutely horrible.

Bing Maps was abandoned many years ago.

Bing Maps is in need of a severe overhaul.