Bind trim yaw axis and trim roll axis

Some functions can not be bound to key/button/axis :

  • Add Trim yaw axis (-100% to +100%)
  • Trim roll axis (-100% to +100%).

(Only elevator trim -100% to 100% exists).

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Does that work also for, say, a hardware rudder trim wheel? I think that would only work if you used trim buttons and not a wheel.

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Depends on how your trim wheel is designed. Mine on the Honeycomb Bravo is two buttons that get pressed with repetition depending on how you move the trim wheel.

Some wheels out there show as an axis to the system.

What wheel do you have?

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Don’t have one yet, but I’m having a custom one being built by it’s a modification of this to be like a Cessna 182’s pedestal:
I’ll be using Mobiflight or Air Manager to set it up so I’ll be subject to whatever SimConnect can provide (if it can provide it right now – not even sure!).

But I’m thinking along the lines of anyone with a Saitek or Flight Velocity trim wheel who wanted to use it as a rudder trim.

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If he’s asking what I think he is - the ability to have trim as an axis and not as buttons - then I want to add 10,000 up-votes to this.

Seriously, how many planes have a pair of buttons for basic trim? Flying is already tough enough with analog trim.

The Saitek/Logitech X-52 has a couple of axes on the throttle that are perfect for aileron/elevator trim, (and I use them for that in X-Plane), but I can’t do that in MSFS. Clunky button-presses are so 8-bitty and go along with a TV used as a monitor. :wink: We Deserve Analog Trim!


They cannot be bound to axes, and they should be.

They use buttons, and then take three seconds to respond, then they increment quickly so that fine-grained control is virtually impossible, at least for me.