Binding issues?

I’m not 100% sure its about duplicated bindings but after reconnecting a USB hub I’ve had minor issues with controlling all planes, the main issue is the MB339, the video attach shows the RPM fluctuating making it impossible to fly. I spoke to Indiafoxtecho who said “Difficult to say what may be wrong in this case. There may be conflicting controls, wrong assignments or an improperly calibrated device.” where would the change be from perfect flight to this?

I re-installed the MB339 file, updated my controller drivers, un-binded all buttons on the throttle quadrant, (which helped all flaps working on all planes) but this RPM issue still exists. I did indirectly raise an issue on the Zen desk after struggling to delete the MB339 file, but having had months of no issues this is extremely frustrating. Appreciate any thoughts