Bing Data and Photogrammetry

I have no idea why the bug thread on this item was closed. It would be good to get some updates from Asosbo/MS. It has been 4 days now with this issue. Where is the accountablity?

Microsoft/Asobo, can we get periodic updates on where you are with this? It would be good to get some accountability on this issue and how Asobo/MS plans to avoid such issues in the future. Also, what is the SLA on issues like this? I hope the SLA on issues such as this isn’t open ended. There has to be accountability for such an outage and a target timeframe for a fix.


The answer given in the closed thread is direct from an MS-Asobo employee, and is the most current information available. As more information comes in, it will be relayed by Community Management.


The Bug Logged Thread has been updated to Under Investigation status. Everyone kindly read the updates and if appropriate, participate in the survey so we can collect more feedback. Thanks.

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