Bing Data causing crashes with add-on Airports or Scenery

3rd party EPSC from also crashes, I can keep the bing data on, however the sim crashes after I enable photogrammetry.

Strange. I’ve made all of these changes, but my marketplace is still showing as greyed out. As well as this, in my sim file list, ORBX Innsbruck is not showing, even though I had previously purchased it.

Hoping it’s going to return.

It seems that there is a conflict between the add-on ground textures and the Bing files. If the addon has its own ground textures (cgl files) rename the .cgl files to .cglxxx, and the sceneries work fine with activated Bing data, only with the restriction that the ground textures are now the standard Bing textures. I also have ctd’s at an airport I created myself with my own ground textures. If I deactivate the ground texture or remove it from the community folder, the airport works without problems or crashes.


Me too getting crashes with JustSim LGRP. I disabled Bing and it loads again.
I hope they will fix it soon.

I am getting crashes even with bing disabled in addon airports.

Boy I’m glad I decided not to fly in Europe over the weekend. Hope this gets sorted before I splurge on all of these sceneries. Has anyone tried Thosta82’s suggestion with success?

Same here. CTD as soon as the sim starts loading the flight. This appears to be a global problem. Not happy Jan! :disappointed:


Yes, changing the .cgl file to .off or .cgl001 or anything else in the respective airport folder helps, as it wipes out the conflict between the streamed bing ground layer and the ground layer provided by the addon airport. In some cases you even wont see a difference as some of the provided .cgl have not a better res than the standart bing maps data. So its worth to compare and eventually delete the file, if you are short on disc space and some of those files are 1 or 2 Gig large. :sweat_smile:

This explains a lot, and maybe a reason as to why my CTD’s suddenly increased from very few to just about every flight. I constantly use and have purchased a lot of addons,and use them just about every flight. I will be damned annoyed if this is the case after spending days on crash reports to Zendesk, (still waiting on a reply to data i sent days ago) 2 complete re-installs of both OS and MSFS.

I noticed something strange in the run up to the failed update on Tuesday, mid flight the aircaft i was flying suddenly had lthick black lines that extended from the tail to infinity, the right fuseelage to infinty, and under the fuselage to the ground, as if something was being measured or calibrated.

Game CTD’d and then the old splash screen from back in August , and " Press any Key " to continue came up!

I have CTD too with some third party France payware addons since yesterday whatever bing data is on or off!
With Bing on some addons can’t load i have CTD during flightload
With Bing off i can load but a few minutes later i have CTD
I didn’t have CTD before yesterday with those sceneries and i didn’t install anything more before yesterday!!
There is really something broken…


My third party also causes CTDand my market place is also greyed out. I’ve seen posts on Facebook saying the same. Glad its not just me…was dreading a full reinstall.

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Your second CTD problem after some minutes could be a memory leak caused by another problem. Had some sort of the problem as well yesterday as i loaded in and two minutes after it crashed, several memory related entries were found in the eventmanager.

you could also rename the saiXXX.cgl files in your addon airports folders to to a temporary workaround and see if it fixes both sorts of problems

Thanks for your help I have checked the eventmanager and you are right i have suddenly several memory related entries but i think it is related to someting broken in MSFS! I don’t know why so suddenly in the same time of the bingdata problem! I add i have 32 Gb ram so i am very surprised of a memory leak and i never had CTD before yesterday…

Me too, upon loading AS EDDK, CTD. Like seriously Asobo! Is this now a habit to break things upon releases or what? What is worse, in the weekend where I was looking forward to fly after a hectic work week.

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Me too a lot of CTD for 1 week I have absolutely nothing more except the updates of 320 FBW …

Yesterday again a CTD approaching Orly with the Jetsream stage …
I made a little changeLog and I believe the only way to get around my problem is to block FPS over 30 in NCP …

But suddenly I can no longer use RTSS otherwise I have the problem VCRUNTIME140.dll

Yes, something changed in the MSFS background, most likely it has to do with bing and some other stuff, the only working solution for me was to disable the addons .cgl files, which is really frustrating when you have many addon airports.

The only other solution I see is to wait till Asobo fixes it (Its weekend now…) :triumph:

@Axis3602880 VCRUNTIME140.dll crashes i had when doing Undervolting or OC stuff to my GPU, did you check if you have changed your graphics driver, or doing some OC and investigate if your driver crashes too in the Eventlog. I cant run my UV settings which are stable in Metro Exodus Extreme +DLSS in MSFS, it will just crash, so i have to use more moderate undervolting settings.

Those have nothing to do with the crashes we are talking about here, these are Memory Leak issues / Or conflicting scenery entries causing shutdowns.

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Yes you are right i am going to wait and hope they will resolve this massive problem!

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Turned off Bing data, everything Works as before yesterday . Hope they find the prob and fix ist.

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Same here. No longer crash with EDDM add-on scenary if Bing Data is turned off.

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Yes happened to me too. Yesterday everything worked fine but today i tried 3 different airports and 3 different airplanes and it crashed to desktop everytime in the loading screen. I tried Ibiza and Helsinki from marketplace and Gothenburg from orbx. I have not tried bing data yet but it was on when I tried it.

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