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Dear Developer,

looking currently on bing maps the data on some country are updated but nothing updated on game, thought map data will updated automatically on game, when its changed. looking at manual cache the background map is still old one not a new map data on desktop.

so will they get changed automatically or did i miss something .

Thank you

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It isn’t updated automatically. Asobo take a snapshot of data when updating a new region. The rest of the world has to deal with old data.

i got it, but they just recently updated uk but bing map data is still old in game compare to desktop.

How can you tell? I wouldn’t known where to look for the difference. Are you talking about UK or different part of the world?

Oregon got some new imagery that matches Bing Maps

Unfortunately in some places it is quite bad and patchy, the old imagery was a lot better

go to Bing Maps - Directions, trip planning, traffic cameras & more and check the uk region , to see the map inside the game go to option data and click manual cache where you will have map on background where you can compare which is updated

Cool! Always impressive how much stuff people can find :slight_smile:

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