Bing Map Data Missing From EGVB Hallwell Area, Devon, England

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The sim seems to have stopped pulling the Bing arial data arond Hallwell in Devon, UK. The airfield has completely gone and the field textures for several square km’s are all generic. I’ve attached a couple of pictures, one of the runway as it looks now, and another of the join, where the data reloads. You can clearly see it looks photo realistic one side of the join, and pretty terrible the other side.

I did post in the general section first and somebody flew there and confirmed the data missing for him too, so confident it’s a sim error and not my end. Scenery everywhere looks great.
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I’ve deleted manual cache, emptied community folder, fixed Teredo, nothing pulls the data back in.

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No I haven’t submitted ticket.


Flew from Hallwell today and the problem has been fixed, all data restored!