Bing maps in all it's glory

16/02/2021 - evening. After update.

Berlin Tegel > Munich (no mods installed for these airports) KingAir at night. Weather - Live + live time.
No live traffic and no live players.

Berlin was a mess. Rollercoaster taxiways. I restarted flight putting myself on runway. Got off the ground.
Horrible performance. Game felt really unstable. Stutters so long that they started to feel like the game was about to CTD (like 7 second stutters), drops to 1fps. Both happening frequently.

Managed to get to Munich approach. Noticed there were no lights on runways or at airport at all. Very heavy landing in the dark somewhere in the vicinity of the airport.

Started a new flight >(munich - pictured). Daylight, clear skies (Live time and weather OFF) in the MB-339 and well…the picture speaks volumes. Not a good advert for Bing maps or Microsoft is it?

have not test this Airports,because the planes are a mess,but maybee they need to take of after a few meters,when i see this…no interesst to start the Sim as is…
yes,also get more Stutter,and bad performance…wait for a fix again :-1:



Did you have any manual or rolling cache files?

If so; clear those out. They’ve changed some of the world gen, and cache files might cause issues.

I had already deleted everything in my manual cache. Followed your advice and deleted the rolling cache also.
Same flight again, Berlin was still a bit janky but at least Munich was there and flat so, something seems to be working better now.

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