Bings Maps and Buildings/Houses on Eastern Long Island much different then Western Long Island, NY

Currently running the latest MSFS 2020 updates and have both Bing Maps and Photogrammetry Cities enabled and the west side of Long Island (Queens), looks good with the typical Buildings/Houses being from Bing Imagery. However as your fly more to the eastern side of Long Island it all changes and the Buildings/Houses all change to stock images like when you disable Bing maps. I know that this happens at other places all around the United States but my question is what causes the difference, is it just due to Asobo not processing the Bing Buildings/Houses in game or another reason?

thanks and love these forums.


not everywhere is covered by photogrammetry (it needs to be 3D scanned from an airplane, then processed). If no photogrammetry is available, it’ll revert back to AI generated scenery.

That is another story by itself as they list New Jersey as only having Edison, Middletown, Newark, Toms River, Trenton and Willingboro as Photogrammetry Cities but if you fly around the state you will find 90%+ of other cities are photogrammetric. I guess they just need to update the list to reflect what currently has been 3D scanned.