BIRK - Reyjavik VFR issue

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MFS crash at same position when approaching BIRK in VFR on 310, on final.
Autorisation or not to land does not change the issue.
Restarted 2 times using once Safe mode, same result, game crashed after a little glitch.
On safe mode MFS provide a default CESSNA Caravan and result was same.
My regular plane is a Mooney M20 but as said earlier issue is same with a default Cessna Caravan.
There is another post about an issue on BIRK here:
Simulator freezes north of BIRK (Island)
Might be some bugs there?

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Approach VFR BIRK for a direct 310.

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Mulitple approach before as I am doing a world tour, never had a single issue. Simulator is working likea charm so far so not an hardware issue.

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Did it !! but thx

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