Black Friday 2022: post your deals!

As suggested in the title, please share the best deals you may find this year on anything MSFS-related! Links and prices please!

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I’d say the Xbox S at £189 is a steal…


Went from a 24 inch Asus 1080p to this (was my b’day this weekend)…

Buy 32" WQHD Monitor | LS32AG550EUXXU | Samsung UK

Lot’s of deals about. Got mine from Amazon, currently 35% off.

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Aviatek: Makers of really, really high-end avionics. (This ain’t cheap, but I own their G1000 and it’s the highest quality imaginable.) 10% off now until 28 November.
Orbx Direct: Seller of airports, scenery, and utilities. 23 November until 29 November. (I don’t see an announcement on their website, but they’re running an ad on
Realsimgear: Makers of hardware avionics like G1000s. No official holiday sale, but they currently have 14 items on sale, including their GNS430, GNS530, GTN650, and GTN750 bundles.
SIMiONIC: Makers of iPad-based G1000s. (iPad sold separately.) Not positioned as a holiday sale, but their flagship G1000 is on sale.
Simmarket: Seller of airports, aircraft, scenery, and utilities. No site-wide sale, but individual developers are doing their own sales.
Stay Level Avionix: Prefab and custom home cockpit panels built around your flight sim gear, such as your Realsimgear, Desktop Aviator, Honeycomb, Virtual Fly, etc. avionics and peripherals. Sale until 28 November.
Virtual Fly: Makers of high-end peripherals. (This ain’t cheap, either.) 15% off. Sale end date unspecified.


Not really a BF deal but I think €248 for a 5800X is a decent price (Amazon) Looks like I’ll be busy this weekend.


5800X3D 281€ (broken box) on Amazon (lucky day I know)

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hp reverb g2 is 50% off


bah … I was 2 days too early :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
But really … well done! and enjoy :smiley:

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FlightSimBuilder G1000 and GNS530 on sale


I’m not seeing any deals on Realsimgear. Did I miss it?

Just look for the red “Sale” tags on their website, like this:

Thanks, I see the bundles are discounted. Was hoping to get a deal on the single GNS 530 :frowning:

The Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke pack has been at $499 Canadian (from $650) for a couple of days now. But today I noticed it dropped even further to $399 on, a discount of 38%. Amazon says the price is good for 4 days.

Boeing Yoke at Amazon

GSX pro is 25% off until 12/1 ($21.75 instead of $29):

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Justflight Specials

146 Professioanl - $48.74
DC Designs Concorde - $29.99
PA-28R Arrow III & Turbo Arrow III/IV Bundle - $38.99
Air Hauler 2 - $34.64

and others…

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FS Realisitc Pro - 30% off

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Looks like Buttkicker tosses in their new Flight Pack (official MSFS, XP and DCS support) for free ATM: ButtKicker Gamer PLUS | Haptic Transducer with Power Amplifier – ButtKicker Haptics

Too bad all those amazing deals aren’t available in Germany. I’m looking especially at the Reverb G2 v2, which isn’t available here.

Tobii eye tracker 5. 15% off and a free game key for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Amazon has the Thrustmaster T16000M FCS Flight Pack - Flight Stick, Throttle and Flight Pedals for $159.99 (MSRP: $259.99):

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Currys in the UK offering £100 off the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and £100 off the Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant. Currently £150 each. That is an absolute steal at that price for anyone looking to upgrade their flight sim hardware. Couple of other flight bits for sale on there too at the moment.

Honeycomb Alpha

Honeycomb Bravo