Black Friday Marketplace sale imminent?

I take it the autumn MP sale will coincide with Black Friday on 24th? Was there one last year (I wasn’t simming in November 2022) and, if so, when did it begin?

I really hope it’s the biggest sale ever! Don’t think my wallet’s looking forward to it with quite the same enthusiasm, though…

There was one last year, from November 25th to the 29th. I presume it will be close to those dates again this year. Black Friday Sale - Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Been hanging out for it! Way too much stuff on my marketplace wishlist so whoever does the best discounts gets the sales.

Black Friday isn’t even a thing anywhere I’ve lived but who can turn down a good discount?

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Short… but hopefully extensive! Seems odd since the summer and spring sales lasted over two weeks. Guessing they do another winter sale at the start of the new year though, like a January sale?

Wasn’t here in the UK only a few years ago.


My wishlist is waiting for the discounts , i want to pick up at least 2 if they are on sale, Bae 146 & Hawk T1

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23rd - 28th, apparently.

I’ve already warned my wife. Although pales in comparison to what I do with LEGO sales… She wouldn’t let me get a Cayman, my basement oasis has slowly procured about the same in other ways :smirk:. And now one of my primary builders started doing golf simulators and we have a bunch of new accounts. Ideas, ideas. Although now that the oldest can babysit the youngest reliably, she has been pointing out Boxtsers. I have been able to punt the idea that MSFS ‘stuff’ is on the reasonable side of things. Man I love toys, so much better than watches. Ready for some bargainitis!


Just Flight has black Friday sale until November 29th.

No BF sale on the MP as of yet…

MP gets updated thursday night

Just in case anyone missed the announcement last week, there will not be a Marketplace Update today.

Please note that there will not be a Marketplace update next week (Thursday, November 23). This date is the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, so most of the team will be out of office spending time with their families. The next Marketplace update will be on Thursday, November 30.


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ahh ok, we dont do thanksgiving

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So , are we getting a sale or not ? Xbox users like myself have no other option than the marketplace so are we going to miss out in the current developer sales ?

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New sale started just a few minutes ago in the MS Store.

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It’s a bit underwhelming TBH.

None of the stuff on my wishlist is on sale :roll_eyes:

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Finally found the Specials.
Bought Newark Airport.

Hoping that the upgrade from Deluxe for the Longitude
would be on special.

No luck. Too bad.

I’ll peek but wait until tomorrow. I thought all the msfs versions were 40% off?

That I don’t already have the Wilga and GF wildcat stand out. CS helis too. The C510 mustang and 414, but can’t see the sale price though.

ETA holy crap on the RV10!

I waited all of the 23rd for the sale to start and eventually went to bed early on the 24th still no sale. But then we don’t have Thanksgiving here either.

Hopefully that’s not 20% off 1750 items of enhanced night lighting… :crazy_face:

No, discounts vary by app.