Black lines on the runway

If i load a flight on the night, only on the runway there are black lines to see (standard scenery from the world), I dont know maybe my FS settings too low or bug ? I use FBWa320 mod
pls help

Do you see these during the day?

Do you have the Zinnertek runway/taxiway texture addon installed? Or perhaps any third party texture pack installed.

Do you only get it at one airport, or many?

I also see those lines in a grid effect during day time sometimes too.

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The only place I have seen them is at TNCM, but they are much more ordered than this. I suspect its a conflict between the TNCM scenery pack, and Zinnertek, but I have not got around to removing either one or the other to confirm.

During day, i see the lines but small and white (I think because of the lower graphic settings)

I dont use texture pack/mod

Only one airport or all airport? I dont tested it, if i test it i write this here…


On my picture this is standard, no mod or product scenery

I’ve not seen those thicker black lines before. It’s possible they could be some form of runway tear, and just happen to show up like that at night? But I can’t see a visible step, and they appear completely flat.

I have the exact same issue. I have had the Zinertek addon for runway and taxiway textures but I deleted it. But I still have the same problem… Is there any chance that the Zinertek files are hidden in a MSFS directory/folder?

The same for me too!

Two screenshots I have taken:

You can see those lines, or similar ones to it, in the top image. Are they only showing black in the bottom image because it is dark, and the landing lights are creating shadows?

Yes. I think that is a correct observation.

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Oh well, it isn’t only on the runway. Take a look at this screenshot, taken today at EDDF.

I can see them for what they are now. They aren’t random lines at all, but a grid. Is this a custom scenery? If so, try looking elsewhere, or remove that scenery, and retest with the default airport.

It happens at every airport

Can you empty your Community folder, then re-test? I have never seen this, so I assume this is an artifact of some addon you have running?

Emptied the community folder, still seeing the lines