Black screen Avionics in Bonanza since SU10

I have not found anything on this particular subject.
Since SU10, the PFD and MFD in the Bonanza G36 remain black, from a cold start. There are known issues with the battery drain but in this case the battery is still fully charged.
In the Baron I do not have this issue.

Same issue in the caravan too when starting cold and dark.

Can you see the avionics when you press the escape key?

Default G36 without 3rd party liveries.

Cannot reproduce - avionics master turned on?

I have the same issue, the right panel screen won’t function correctly, the screen stays back and the autopilot won’t work, and the battery drains in flight

Do you have any G1000 mod or Bonanza mod in your Community folder?
Are you using a default livery?

Sorry, forgot to close this issue. Removing all third-party GPS addons did solve the issue for this plane and the TBM.
Can’t remember exactly which one was the culprit.

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