Black Square Steam Gauge Overhaul Baron 58

Thanks. I was looking at the analog EGT. It does eventually change as I approach cut-off. I’ll play with it some more and check out the EDM. It’s a great plane!

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This is how I set up for 20 degrees LOP

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The analogue EGT has a substantial lag. This is likely realistic. You need to adjust mixture slowly in increments if you are relying on the analogue gauge.


Does anyone what simvar controls the altitude adjuster VS push/pull knob?

This was in a different group


1 is vertical speed mode, 0 is altitude mode.


You, sir, have saved my life today - thank you! I was pulling my hair out, but this works wonderfully with the Bravo left/right encoder knobs now.

Let me ask you - how do you find these, other than asking the developer?

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I just happened to have read this in [RELEASED] Black Square TBM 850 today. Got lucky!


I’ve spend about eight hours over the past two days in building custom bindings for my Alpha, Bravo and Knobster units, completely from scratch to best support my VR cockpit.

Built in a lot of extra functionality with LONG presses vs short presses of buttons, combination keys and conditional logic. My in-sim profiles for the Alpha and Bravo are completely empty except for the camera quickviews mapped to the hat switch on the Alpha. I couldn’t find those anywhere.

There’s A LOT of trial and error in this process. Sometimes there are _ON and _OFF actions and sometimes just a toggle and often, there are many possible variables but you never know which are the right ones, so you have to go through them all to find the one that works in that plane.

Just finished a IFR flight from cold and dark at the departure airport to parking at the destination airport and didn’t touch the mouse at all after loading up my flight plan in the TDS GTNxi (which requires use of the touchscreen).

Right now, the Baron is my favorite - I’m invested!

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Are there future plans of the developers making their Black Square Baron even more enhanced, bringing it to the ultra-sophisticated level of the newest Black Square TBM?

I would absolutely love to open the bonnet (or hood, or engine cover, or maintenance latch, or whatever that is called on an airplane…) to see the engine and the turbo charger inside :slight_smile: just like the FlySimware Cessna Chancellor can do.

And maybe being able to extend the tray table in the back of the cabin, and move the seat backrests back and forth a little bit (a bit of playing around in the cabin makes an airplane truly coming alive!)
Oh and what should be definitely changed is the cabin being fully dark at night and the floodlight just illuminating a small area of the seats, when the flood lights back in the cabin are on such a small cabin should be fully illuminated at least a little bit. (Not just a directed spotlight on a small area and the rest of the cabin being full black at night.)

He would have to start everything from scratch hence the current exterior model is based/tied/limited to Asobo’s. That’s why the simplest things like opening doors is not available in the current version.

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Hm no doors - I can live with that.
Who needs (and wants) to go out anyway? Throw me food and computer hardware parts through the windows and I will never go outside again but I will sit and die in front of my computer (where I belong)! :smiley:

But what is harder to cope are some blurry details of the instruments. Some details and gauges need some fine texture enhancements, and I found a really good AI to help me with that where even Photoshop fails (Bicubec and other enlargement methods when enhancing the pixel density per square inch.)

Before (default texture)

After (AI enhancements and pixel per square inch density enlargement in Photoshop)

Lovely, I am going to overhaul the whole cockpit and all the gauges of the Bonanza, Baron and TBM850 with this method.
And I urgently need of some good 100 megapixel cockpit and exterior shots of the Bonanza and the Baron for my texture overhauls :slight_smile:
Does anyone knows a few websites with nice Beechcraft fleet presentation?

And finished!
All gauges (which have the Beechcraft logo on real cockpit photos) now have a Beechcraft logo. Plus new high definition lettering, the best GA aircraft ever made deserves this treatment.

I have noticed that not only the cockpit floodlight illumination but also the integral backlight is dimmed when one of the engine starters is engaged.
This aircraft now has so much depth and realism it´s absolute wonderful. Pure perfection.

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I had a very disappointing first flight with the Baron. Not sure if these are bugs, user errors, or what:

  • Cruised at 10,000 feet with an OAT of 15 °C. Tried to lean for 100° ROP; discovered that the mixture knob did not adjust fuel flow linearly. Max fuel flow is achieved by centering the mixture knob — moving it above center or below center reduces fuel flow.
  • Was unable to get CHTs below about 400 °F. The lowest CHT temps came from maximizing fuel flow (centering the mixture knob). Reducing fuel flow, even down below 8 gph(!) caused CHTs to rise to a max of 414 °F.
  • The cabin got cold, about 48 °F or so, so I turned on the heater and the blower. Imagine my surprise when about 3 minutes later, the cabin was at 165 °F!
  • Deciding this needed to be rectified immediately, I opened the storm window, and the airplane immediately disintegrated.

The first bullet might be an FSUIPC thing, but if not, I would assume it’s a bug. I’ve flown plenty of IO-550s before, both IRL and in various sims, and I have a good sense of how to cool the cylinders. None of my usual understanding of how fuel flow affects CHTs seemed to be working in this case. Another bug? And the storm window, I realize there’s probably a max window speed, but it shouldn’t destroy the airplane, right?

To be fair, I’ve never flown a Baron IRL before, maybe you can heat the cabin to 165 °F in 3 minutes (to cook some eggs?), but it seems unlikely.

MSFS… going way back… has a messed up engine model… a weird way of tying power, directly to fuel flow. That’s why the fuel-flow gauge behaves kinda like a bizarre EGT gauge… optimal mixture for power = peak fuel-flow…

It does make you account for altitude/leaning… sorta. It gets even worse, for turbo-charged/normalized engines.

A few developers model around it… custom coding ala A2A … Flysimware’s C414… has decent turbo-charged modeling…

Hopefully, MSFS 2024 addresses this…

It’s good, but I wouldn’t go that far. Have you managed to get the cabin heater to work?

Here is a LUA script that works the Heater and Blower in FSUIPC:

if ipcPARAM == 1 then – Heater On
ipc.execCalcCode(1 … " s0 (L:var_CabinHeaterIgnitionSwitch, bool) ! (>L:var_CabinHeaterIgnitionSwitch, bool) (L:var_CabinHeaterIgnitionSwitch, bool) (>A:CIRCUIT SWITCH ON:31, bool)")

if ipcPARAM == 2 then – Heater Off
ipc.execCalcCode(0 … " s0 (L:var_CabinHeaterIgnitionSwitch, bool) ! (>L:var_CabinHeaterIgnitionSwitch, bool) (L:var_CabinHeaterIgnitionSwitch, bool) (>A:CIRCUIT SWITCH ON:31, bool)")

if ipcPARAM == 3 then – Heater Blower On
ipc.writeLvar(“var_CabinHeaterBlowerSwitch”,1) – Low = 1; High = 2

if ipcPARAM == 4 then – Heater Blower Off

So you’ve seen it increase the cabin temperature? I’ve not had problem manipulating the controls, it just didn’t seem to actually do anything.

You also have to pull out the heater vent knob. I over heat the Baron all the time.

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Unless it’s -10F, don’t put the heater blower on. Just pull out the heater knob ever so slightly and watch the temp carefully, until you’re at cruise. I can get it to a steady 73F. Adjust to altitude temp. Same with A/C.
My main issue is the panel lights that will often start to blink on and off randomly. So bad that they must be turned off, and at night that’s dangerous lol!

So I’ve recently pulled out this plane, and in five attempts to get from KBOS to KACK, I’ve “overstressed the airframe” and I get the high-pitched sad “your flight is over” sound. First four were near landing, last one was right after taking off. None of these were overspeeds.

I think your description was a big giant light bulb that helped me figure out why it happened. I have FS2020 on a big central monitor, and Navigraph on a left side monitor. Several times I’ve moved my mouse to click on Navigraph on the left monitor, but somehow I’m clicking on the window knob and opening it. I’ll bet that’s what is happening, as a few times while taxiing I’ve noticed the window is open.

Seems like when moving the mouse to a different monitor, it somehow is hovering over a control that can be clicked.

Any ideas on how to deal with this?

Answering my own question, apparently there is a Windows Mouse option that will activate the window you’re hovering over, which should prevent you from accidentally clicking on something while the mouse is on another monitor. Will try tonight. Already have a Plan B if that doesn’t work.