Black Square Steam Gauge Overhaul Baron 58

Here’s the first glimpse of the recently announced analog Beechcraft Baron !!!
it will be available at Justflight


Puhh… another instant buy for me.


wondering if this gonna make use of the CFD and ‘Native Propeller Simulation’ like the Analog Kingair?

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With 608 hours in the analog C208 and approximately 285 hours in the King Air, I will definitely make room for this new gem in my hangar. I have no doubt that it will accumulate a significant amount of flight hours and this won’t just be an impulsive purchase ! They are profitable in the sense that they save me from buying other aircraft in the long term.

@HomieFFM I guess yes ! like the bonanza (referring at your thread), I don’t know why he wont. I will try to ask, once I get a clear answer I will tag you back


Awesome, thank you very much!
When you have the chance to ask, it would be also nice to know if they are implementing the new Softbody simulation as well? :slight_smile:

Edit: and adverse yaw improvement :sweat_smile:

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This probably will not be out until after SU12. I hope in the future we can use custom liveries for the steam gauge.

I don’t know if you are facing any particular issue, but for all steam gauge, it s pretty easy to convert liveries, shouldn’t be an issue for this one too.

Thanks for this information as I have the Bonanza so far and looking forward to the Baron.

if you still struggle with a specific livery, don’t hesitate to DM me, I will try to help

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hey buddies !
Twotonemurphy is doing a preview !

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No more teasing, just make it available and take my money.


Any news on that? Or do they ignore you? :sweat_smile:
Would be also interesting to know for the Bonanza, maybe they added the native propeller system there as well, so far it’s only known that they implemented the CFD simulation.

hello @HomieFFM,

I just received the answer you were waiting for, both Baron & Bonanza implement the CFD aerodynamics and the new propeller simulation, no words about the adverse yaw, about the softbody simulation dev s planning to includ it in the futur update, I guess he need to be more familiar with it.

Best Regard


Awesome, thank you very much for asking!

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you are the welcome, I will try to don’t forget to keep you advised about the evolutions that may (and will certainly) be implemented in the futur


Releasing tomorrow (Thursday), according to the JustFlight Facebook page. (Edit: Corrected date)

I thought this was coming out tomorrow, Thursday 23 March?

The Facebook post is from 1 day ago and even says Thursday, so yes.

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I’m sorry - I’m dumb. I thought today was Tuesday. lol

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