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New Propeller Simulation

  • instead of single point computation, surfaces are simulated and animated over each propeller blade
  • P-factor, torque, lift, drag and all other propeller effects getting natively simulated depending on the propeller surfaces

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation

  • simulates the air which flows over the aircraft surfaces
  • wind direction and strength will be self impacted by the aircraft surfaces
  • air will be deflected and redirected by the aircraft surfaces
  • natively simulates deep stall, prop wash, vortices

Soft Body Simulation

  • simulates the flexibility of an airframe which gives an more realistic feeling of heaviness and less twitchiness of the airplane
  • also simulates rotor flapping on Helicopters (a spring force which goes into the whole airframe)

Other Aircraft lists:

How can I find CFD, NPS and SBS?


What do you need?
You can use the Microsoft text ‘‘Editor’’, but it’s recommended to use a program like Notepad++



  1. Go to your Microsoft Flight Simulator installation folder
  2. Open Community, Official or specific aircraft folder depending on where you want to check
  3. Type in searchbar: flight_model.cfg
  4. Select all the cfg files, right click ‘‘Edit with Notepad++’’
  5. Select ‘‘Search’’ in the taskmenu
  6. To search for CFD write: CFD_EnableSimulation = 1
  7. Select ‘‘Search in open files’’, all listed Airplanes are using CFD
  8. To search for SBS write: fuselage_rigidity
  9. Select ‘‘Search in open files’’, if the fuselage_rigidity value is bigger than 0 it uses SBS,
    -1 means deactivated


  1. Go to your Microsoft Flight Simulator installation folder
  2. Open Community, Official or specific aircraft folder depending on where you want to check
  3. Type in searchbar: engines.cfg
  4. Select all the cfg files, right click ‘‘Edit with Notepad++’’
  5. Select ‘‘Search’’ in the taskmenu and type in: prop_mod_use_modern = 1
  6. All listed aircraft are using NPS



  1. Go to your Microsoft Flight Simulator installation folder
  2. Open Community, Official or specific aircraft folder depending on where you want to check
  3. Select all the cfg files, right click ‘‘Edit with Notepad++’’
  4. Select ‘‘Search’’ in the taskmenu
  5. To search for CFD write: use_modern_surfaces = 1
  6. Select ‘‘Search in open files’’, all listed Helicopters are using CFD
  7. To search for SBS write: blade_flap_rigidity
  8. Select ‘‘Search in open files’’, every Helicopter listed witha blade flap rigidity value has SBS


(see Airplanes)

Feel free to share your findings! Thank you in advance!

This thread is not about if these features are good or bad!
So please only comment if you know any new airplane / helicopter which uses one or all of these features, which is not listed yet. Also to be clear, a Developer can achieve very good results without using any of these features, with own custom codes.

Latest Update: 06/2024

NPS: New Propeller Simulation
CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics
SBS: Soft Body Simulation


3rd party

Developer __________ Aircraft _________________________ NPS CFD SBS
A2A Simulations Accu-Sim Piper PA-24 X
Aerosoft Twin Otter X
Airmax514 XB-70 Valkyrie X
Big Radials Grumman JRF-6 Goose X
Big Radials Norseman X X
BlackBox Simulation BN2 Islander X X
BlackBox Simulation Trislander X X
Blackbird Simulations MV310 X
CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon X
DC Designs AV-8B Harrier II X
DC Designs F-14 A/B Tomcat X
DC Designs F-15 Eagle X
DC Designs PT-17 Stearman X X
DeeJing Van’s RV-7 / RV-7A X
FlyingIron BF 109G-6 X X
FlyingIron F6F-5 Hellcat X X
FlyingIron P-38L X X
FlyingIron Spitfire MkIX X X
Flysimware Cessna 414AW X
FSReborn FSR 500 X
FSReborn Sting S4 X X
Got Friends Discus-2c X X
Got Friends Wildcat F4F-4 X X X
Got Friends Wilga 35/80 X X X
Hangar Studios Camair 480 X X
iniBuilds Bf 108 Taifun X X
iniBuilds P-40F WarHawk X X
Nemeth Designs Partenavia P68B Victor X X
Orbx PAC P-750 XSTOL X X
Parallel 42 Freedom Fox, Fox2 X X X
SC Designs F-16 X
SimWork Studios Van’s RV-10 X X
Wing42 Boeing 247D X

Improvement Mods

Developer __________ Aircraft _________________________ NPS CFD SBS
Black Square Analog Bonanza X X
Black Square Analog Caravan X
Black Square Analog Kingair X X
G36 Mod Team Bonanza G36 improvement project X X
GotGravel Monster NXCub X X
GotGravel Savage Carbon X X
GotGravel Savage Grravel X X
MrTommymxr DA40-NGX improvement Mod X X
MrTommymxr DA62X improvement Mod X X
Dranbar Robin DR400-140B Dauphin Mod X
WB-Sim & JPL Cessna 152 X X X
WB-Sim Cessna 172 SP Classic Enhancement X X X

MSFS base & premium

Developer __________ Aircraft _________________________ NPS CFD SBS
Asobo Airbus A310-300 X
Asobo Cessna 152 X
Asobo Cessna 172 G1000 (no other variants) X X X
Asobo Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX X
Asobo Cirrus SR22T G6 X X
Asobo Curtiss JN-4 Jenny X X
Asobo Beechcraft King Air 350i X
Asobo DG Aviation DG-1001E neo X
Asobo DG Aviation LS8-18 X
Asobo DHC-2 Beaver X
Asobo Douglas DC-3 X X
Asobo Grumman G-21A Goose X X
Asobo Hughes H4 Hercules X
Asobo Savoia-Marchetti S.55 X X
Asobo Spirit of St Louis X


3rd Party

Developer __________ Aircraft _________________________ NPS CFD SBS
Cowan Simulation 500E X X
Cowan Simulation Bell 206 X X
Cowan Simulation H125 X X X
Got Friends Mini-500 X X X
HypePerformanceGroup H145 X X
Touching Cloud Ka-10M HAT X X X

MSFS base

Developer __________ Aircraft _________________________ NPS CFD SBS
Asobo Bell Model 407 X X X
Asobo Guimbal Cabri G2 X X X

The aerosoft twotter received an update to version with

  • Added: New propeller model for Sim Update 8
  • Updated: Flight model

The Bonanza G36 improvement project from has it as well as of patch 0.6.7


There are a few planes which probably wont be updated anytime soon, like the Kodiak, they say they already have very accurate results with their propeller sim.

I don’t know, you can get very close to the real thing but at the end I think (if integrated correctly) the native propeller simulation will always be the better option. But that’s just my personal feeling, I’m not even interested in airplanes without this feature anymore.

It’s gonna be interesting to see when planes like the PC6 gonna get updated, it should get an native beta descend option as an result :slight_smile:


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Per the release notes for version 1.1.0 from last night, add the FlyingIron P-38L to the list.

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The FreedomFox / Fox2 from //42 has the new prop model too now.

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Milviz Cessna 310

Just Flight PA-38 Tomahawk (upcoming aircraft)

The Robin DR-400-140b Dauphin mod now supports the new propeller simulation as well.


Interesting statement from SimWorks Studios regarding to the native propeller simulation:

…there are still bugs in the implementation. But that is the lesser problem. We have prop drag, P-Factor and all these effects with the Kodiak & RV-14.

What if the prop physics are incorrect and we have to use weird values to get correct results? What if we only get right results in certain regimes but not everywhere?

If the “laws of physics” aren’t right, such problems will arise -so we want tuning options. This doesn’t give us any and we will wait until all quirks are ironed out.

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The Vans RV-7 got updated as well.

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As Seb said later in the video, the new CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation has also to be activated / deported over to the aircraft (without any additional work or tweaking).

There is gonna be the same problem as with the new propeller simulation, that nobody can directly see which aircrafts are using this feature, so I think it’s an good idea to list it here as well.

So if you know any developer who has activated the CFD feature (after Simupdate 9) leave a comment down below and I list it as well, thanks :slight_smile:


I suspect you may know this already but the C172 Skyhawk G1000 is the only official plane to get CFD in SU9 and it’s now available for testing in the beta. It has also been updated with the new prop sim.

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Thanks for the reminder, listed it :slight_smile:
yes, the C172 is the only airplane on SU9 with the CFD integration and from there on it’s open to use for the developers if I understood this correctly.

What I don’t understand, Seb said it’s easy to implement with no additional tweaking… and then we only get one updated airplane with this feature :smiley:

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and i am glad, because there seem to be many issues with it, right now.
i dont want them to break all the aircraft.


yeah that might be the reason, there are also bugs with the new propeller simulation according to SimWorks Studios.

Thanks for updating the listing. I’m not trying to be picky but you may want to clarify the C172 G1000 version because these new features might not apply to the C172 classic steam gauge version. However I’m not 100% certain about this.

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Thank you, let’s keep the G1000 version listed until we know more :slight_smile:


So far nothing new, maybe most devs are waiting for Simupdate 9