Blackbird T6A released


Sign me up.

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I have just flown it. Incredible realism! I am now going to need to study hard to understand this beauty. The external flight model is something else!


Can people stop releasing fabulous looking aircraft!! It’s costing me a small fortune!


Flew it a bunch of times last night. Love the flight model and realism ‘feel’ of this aircraft - it has a great realistic impression of an aircraft going through the air - great character in flight already.

Also has fantastic interior cockpit that adds to the realism. Hit another one out of the park - definitely up there in quality and realism like the 310R. Has a Comanche kind of ‘life’ to it. So far highly recommended!


Will they do a T6B also ?

Study or toy?

The T6A? I reckon study given it’s simulation heritage with USAF and Nato.

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How is the turboprop behavior modeling?

That’s always seemed to be an issue with MSFS, so far.

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Just bought it but it does not appear in msfs :-(((
Waiting for help in their support forum…

Did you follow their Installation TIps? Just curious, I’ve not pulled the trigger yet.

make sure do not filter for t6 or texan - filter for t-6 or blackbird

From what I can see, they use a lot of custom coding via wasm code. You can have failures and destroy the engine with mishandling it. If it includes custom ITT simulation i cant say for sure, cause the wasm code ist hard to decode for me.


That sounds really promising!

It looks like a fairly serious representation - and the user experience appears to be fully scalable to the point of basic or essential functionality only.
It’s a bit pricey for me but I think in this case anyway you are getting value for the money.
It’ll have to be wish listed for me until I can recharge the ol’ bank account.
I’m grateful though, for the developers that push the envelope and make amazing products for MSFS.

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Problem solved.
I had to install it at the root on the disk and not in a folder and then copy it in Community.

Made a short fly and so far so good :slight_smile:

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Does anyone else have problems to get the speed brake out?

On 9 out of 10 of my landings in this thing, it pitches itself up to a level attitude at about 20 feet, then I have to react and just land the thing normally. I’ve tried it with TAD on and off. Anybody else have this issue?

Edit: I watched AvAngel’s movie above. At 18:00–while landing–her airplane did the same thing.

Picked it up on a whim as it looks gorgeous; have started going through the manual. This isn’t one I’m going to just jump into the cockpit; it seems a rather complex/detailed simulation (yay! but i must read the docs to not break it :wink: )

It seems to handle controls in a custom way too? I’m going to have to double-check how my bindings work before I get going. :smiley: