Blackbox BN2 Islander Version 2.0 PC & Xbox Released in Marketplace

I like the idea of the 330 and 360 for the developer. You should be able to use most of the assets from one to the other and sell 2 planes with 1 effort…ish. Cant wait for v2 though.


My absolute favorite regional turboprop… the Short Brothers 330. :slight_smile: I didn’t know she had so much love in here!

I picked up a book on Short aircraft and neglected to see if it included the 330/360 era. Yeah. It stops at the SC.7. :rofl: Neat little book though!


There’s a lady down the road ( I met in a tai-chi class… how the world works ) who was a captain for Jersey in the 80s on S360s, somewhat rekindled my interest in the odd things. Definitely one of those quirky birds like the Islander. Only issue is turboprop :frowning:

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I first discovered them when I worked a job at PHNL that had ramp access. Then I discovered that Hawaiian Airlines had 3 of them in the late 70s… it has been an obsession.:slight_smile:

Well, British civil aircraft are usually interesting, at least :stuck_out_tongue: ( admittedly the Jetstream & especially the 125 were good sellers ).

Have a look at a Beverley & compare to the Skyvan…

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Blackburn Beverly. :slight_smile:

Patiently waiting for work to finish (0200Z) so I can check out the final candidate of the Islander and make sure she’s all buttoned up.


Just hopped back in this yesterday after not having flown it in a while. I absolutely adore this airplane, and if v1 was anything to go by o absolutely cannot wait for v2.

As for the next plane, a Saab 340 is a great idea. To me there are too many odd ducks in MSFS, I think it would be nice to get something more mainstream. I don’t think of the Islander or the Twin Otter as odd planes, in many areas of the world you see tons of them. But to me it’s just weird all of the bizarre and unusual planes we have and yet no 340, no ATR (for example), no Embraer 120.

I’d like one of these. I love the 110, but I’d like a pressurized cabin for some more versatility in my flight planning.

Somebody has been working on a Saab 340B for a long time, but no mention of it in a year. That would be the aircraft I hope BBS makes next.

There were over 300 S330/360s plus 30-odd for the US military, so it’s hardly an odd duck ( and that’s not including the Skybus/van ). There’s only 450odd Saabs, it’s just a decade newer so there’s more still around.

Not many of that Embraer family ever made it to Europe - Jetstream 31/41 is a bit more international.

Unless I’m mistaken, there’s one S330 (C-23) still in service with the USAF at the US Air Force Academy as a parachute jumper plane. Ha - I’m actually going there probably next month (Colorado Springs)…I should check :wink:

Ok - now off to do some yard work, and then it’s Islander 2.0 test time! Fingers crossed that she’s all buffed and fluffed and can be released soon.

If you are allowed share a pic or video with us!

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Any t-prop in the sim would really need to be powered by a PT-6 variant or something very similar. Other engines like the RR Dart without a free shaft output system would need to be modeled completely differently. And example of this from past sims is the Samdim Tu-114, which had its engines actually modeled and animated as jets with the performance #'s kneaded and molded to give the correct performance.

Speaking of Darts, if you really want something different, I recommend the NAMC YS-11. I remember seeing one as a child and I can still, to this day, remember the unique metallic ringing sound it made.

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BBS house livery- I loaded ʻer up with max payload and as much fuel as I could to bring it up to MTOW. Oh - just a short hop, PHNG (my home airport) to PHLU out here in Hawaiʻi.

I wish I had all my streaming junk ready to go, ʻcause Iʻd totally put up a stream and bore everyone! :smiley:

(edit) man Iʻm glad Iʻm not in VR - the new turbulence model would have me :face_vomiting:

Whoops - sorry, forgot to remove the registration since Iʻm in the house livery!

If you folks want to see any specific pictures over the next couple of hours (0434Z now) let me know and Iʻll see what I can do!


Your support has been amazing for MSFS. Awesome to see such a significant update for free!

Would love to see the Bird Dog revisited, if it’s done well enough to justify it. Still a favorite.


Dornier Do 228 or Dornier Do 328.

Anything Dornier, really.

Remember this switch from the Trislander? (The bottom one, “External Supply”)

This switch must be flipped UP to start the engines!

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A little “spammy” tonight, sorry. :wink: I had to share this one - Maritime Defender leaving PHOG headed for PHJR. This one is now one of my desktop wallpapers.


great news, so far the BN2 has not convinced me so much, but with the new release you have really convinced me, I hope I can soon select it in my hanger… :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to get my hands on that beauty

Thanks for the great work

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yeah. I had a YS11 in Sims gone past. Quite a nice a/c it was. The HS748 also had a special ring to it, and since it was British, may also be a candidate!!

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