Blackbox BN2 Islander Version 2.0 PC & Xbox Released in Marketplace

The all new Islander is now available Via BBS Store

Please note - This product is a free update for existing customers .

Completely redesigned and rebuilt Panels
Rebuilt exterior and VC Models
All new Texturing
32 liveries across 7 variants
Civil, Military and Cargo models Plus “long nose” Variant (Image above)
3 panel colours
Many varied Seating colours
optional ASPEN EFIS
Redesigned DME (Not Wasm Based so works on Xbox platform)
100% Brand New Flight dynamics using CFD and New Prop physics
Accurate Electrical & Fuel systems
Operational external tanks and Tip Tanks (On Maritime Variant)
All working Circuit breakers
Fully dimmable Panel lighting and Overhead map lighting
Cabin and exterior lighting with rotating beacon
Brand new “WWISE” sound set Matched accurately to real Islander sound
Opening Doors, cargo hold(s) and clear-view Panel
Adjustable sun visors
Fully featherable propellers
Chocks, Flags and Gust-locks
Also Engine covers and Boarding steps



Super excited to see this one get released! I have my fingers crossed that everyone loves it!


I honestly passed on the initial release of this product due to the almost good enough graphics. Looks like that critique has been completely nullified. Whoa! You definitely have my attention now. Great job! It looks incredible.


Thank you Sir … We do try to listen to customers and wherever practical we will Act on their comments

Just as a little hint …
IF you are considering pulling the trigger on this one … I suggest doing it now at the current price of 24.99 Euro and you will then get the Free Update as soon as its released.

The Price of buying the new product on release will be in line with our BN Trislander at 29.99 Euro


I’m in on this one!

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Will it be a marketplace upgrade as well. Love the current version and this looks fantastic.

Fantastic. Was just flying around in the Islander today and thinking how much fun it was to fly. Looking forward to v2. Thank you. Hope you sell loads more copies. Will the msfs marketplace version be soon or another month or more away, as I think I bought my copy there.

Congratulations and a huge thank you, @NightMercury358 what a treat!

What is next on BBS’ project list?


If it’s like the Trislander release then direct purchasers will get the chance to find all the bugs before the marketplace update :wink:

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Yes … the marketplace will carry the Free Update but you will need to uninstall the original version as they will not be compatible


what would you like ? :slight_smile:

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it will be available on Marketplace just as soon as the Team can implement it …
I doubt a month but certainly not immediately

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Very true … but honestly we are not expecting many bugs…
we have a Brilliant test team and they are so ■■■■ picky its annoying LOL


I have to answer for him…lol… do228 or short 360. I think your team would do a great job on that style of aircraft. any way looking forward to whatever you bring out next.

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Looks like I’ll finally by buying this one!

Is a Short SC.7 Skyvan too similar to our beloved Islander and Trislander?

I like the idea of a funky turboprop.


I like your thinking.

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I’ll butt in there too if I may (although did much earlier re lists).
Your proven small prop a/c really invite another of similar ilk. Plenty of work is being done in jets, so leave them out of it.

  1. SAAB340
  2. J31 or 41
  3. Metroliner 23
  4. S360 or S330
  5. ATP

these would be worthy I think, although I favour the 340 or J31 due to their speed and probably higher uptake.

Skyvan / bus / S330/360, or that insane Beagle B.206 twin.

Or a Dart Herald or a Viscount, but that’s a heck of a job :stuck_out_tongue: also involves turboprops, which are generally a source of complaint right now…

Edit: so does a Skybus of course, for some reason I thought they were piston.

Sheds please :grin: Got to love some Shorts :flight_departure:

Really pleased to see the love for Belfasts finest. I grew up looking over Sydenham and Harland & Wolff and these were a really big deal. The 360 and 330 demonstrators where always overhead and when the Sherpa won the US Army contract it was a huge thing for NI.

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