BlackBox Simulation releases Cessna L-19 ‘Bird Dog’

Yeah I was quite excited for this but it’s a mess. Ignoring the fact that the link to buy it in the article just takes you to a login page, it’s not even listed on the front page for Black Box. I had to search to find it. Whatever not a huge deal.

Then I loaded it up in the sim. There’s a bunch of switches that don’t work, most importantly bat and alt, but also pitot heat, fuel pump, and I can’t seem to figure out a way to tune the radios, and there is no knob to adjust the altimeter. Also the backseat passengers feet stick through the front seat. The cockpit is quite low detail, with the dials being very obviously low poly and the textures are flat. Also the control stick isn’t even complete, there’s a giant gap in the model.

I didn’t even bother flying it. This thing seems to be rather rushed and in need of some work. What a shame, I was really excited for it.


Make us a favor, and fly it, and tell us how do you feel the flight model, since you already bougth it

Hi, it did require going to the Blackbox site directly, but once I did and downloaded it, I took off from my small nearby airport and landed on a nearby lake and back. Lots of fun.

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What about the things Phobos mentions?

So I did a flight. Seems that once the engine is running you can tune the radios, not sure why they won’t tune with the engine off since they’re mechanical knobs, but anyway it flies nice enough, don’t know a whole lot about the real thing to do a comparison. I found the prop disk to be pretty low quality as well, with the center blur being opaque and it looked totally flat from the side. Overall I’m underwhelmed.

Total rip off for the price. Should have checked here further. Miserable textures, switches not working as mentioned above. Utterly dreadful. Don’t buy.


Hey hold up all because It’s buggy doesn’t mean it’s a dud. FIY I’m taking about the simulator.


Bummer. Thx for letting us know.

I don’t usually use this forum, or any other platform to troll or trash developers, but this should never have been released in this state. Though I can accept some bugs on release like switches beIng fixed, there are major flags of a cash grab with this one. The textures are awful and far from those presented in the promo pics. Why would you want FSX quality in MSFS2020? Either the developer has hyperopia, or it’s just as cash grab.


Yeah I was really let down. I don’t know much about the developer but hopefully they update this, as I love the idea of a Bird Dog in the sim, but this just feels like incomplete. I mean the gauges resemble a stop sign more than a circle and the handle on the control stick doesn’t even attach to the stick. Not to mention I couldn’t find a manual anywhere in the installed folder. Needs more development time.


Yup, hate to say it but I asked for a refund before I made it out of the pattern for the first time. It seems like a 10 or 15-year-old model that was brought out of the shed and somehow made to work in FS 2020. Many things don’t function or are visually incomplete. It flies nicely enough but I can’t get past the other issues.


It’s utterly appalling really. Post here if you get a refund, I’ve made the same request. If they don’t offer it, we can band together.

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(Comments based on a post about limited installs deleted, because it’s not applicable to this product according to NightMercury358’s post below.)

Some screenshots would be appreciated, for those who do have it.

Well I just found an email hiding in my spam folder that says the L-19 was updated, so I’ll give it a try and report back.

there is NO LIMIT on the number of installs …
I have no idea where you got this false information ?

That’s great news! The source of the info was comments on this story post.

I just posted a reply confirming that you said there’s not an install limit and the info is incorrect.

Thanks for the quick patch! Purchased and installing now.

Ok so on V1.1 the switches now work and the passenger’s feet aren’t poking through the seat anymore, so there’s that. I still can’t seem to get it started from cold and dark. Mags to both, mixture full forward, tanks set to both (if I select one or the other, the ability to switch them seems to die) bat on and the starter just turns and turns. Maybe there is a fuel shutoff somewhere but I can’t find it. I ended up having to resort to ctrl+e to get it started.

I’m glad to see it getting updated, as I want to be able to use it, but the cockpit model and textures could use a little love going forward. Keep up the work!


Picked it up today (round 8hr ago) wonder if i got said patch by default

it feels amazing to fly. Pontoons/tundra tires and default.
The interior is very low res and seems half cooked, but the exterior looks great.
For the price i hope they jump on polishing this thing out. Its a great little craft and is like a swiss army knife.

Plus i find it a bit quiet at idle in cockpit- maybe just my inept intrinsic knowledge of actually ever being in or near one

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Looks like we posted at the same time! And yes, the sounds are a bit quiet.