Bleeding mesh coming up from the ground

Can someone either in Asobo or microsoft flight simulator please fix the ground spikes in and around Yuba city and Marysville pleeeeze. Its been broke forever. Im getting tired of seeing it. Massive immersion killer. Thank you

Is that bug report could be related ?:

Its obvious if you go to the yuba city California. USA. Airport.

I flew from KCIC (Chico) to KLVK (Livermore) today and flew right over that area of CA and didn’t see any ground spikes.

I also fly out of KOVE and the surrounding airports (Willows-Glenn County KWLW, Marysville/Yuba County KMYV, Yuba City/Sutter County O52, etc.) will be my destination points. I don’t recall seeing ground spikes.

Is this something that you can 100% reproduce? If so, can you pinpoint an airport I can load into to see the spikes?

EDIT: I missed your last post. I’ll check that out now.

EDIT2: These are all screenshots (for a 360° view) taken from O52 just now:

Do you have some 3rd party scenery installed in the region that is possibly causing the issue?

Maybe something is conflicting somewhere then? Ill upload some screen shots.

Ah, yes that.

That is, unfortunately, a side effect of photogrammetry.

It’s rendering small out-buildings, vehicles, hay bales, you name it, as warped, melted-looking garbage objects that wreck the visuals.

You’ll see this all over the world at various airports, but specifically those that are small airports. There are a couple of smaller airports that I frequent that have this really badly. One airport has a school bus parking lot adjacent to it and the busses are all warped yellow extrusions like you’re seeing here.

It is an unfortunate side-effect of the photogrammetry and the AI.

Maybe this will be improved in 2024? We will have to see.