Blender 3.3/3.4/3.5 wanted and needed badly

Hello Team Asobo,

I humbly request a push to get an updated Exporter working for Blender 3.3 and 3.4. 3.3 is now the ‘common’ base version of Blender, and your SDK only works on 3.1. Its two builds behind. 3.5 is now the Alpha and 3.4 is Beta, which means 3.4 will be released as a main platform on the close horizon. Please help us out and bless us with a cool update to the exporter for Blender. Its main issue is a COMP node ‘change’ where the SDK needs a tweak done in the coding to get the COMP maps to export properly. Also, there might be a bug in Animation readings. I have had issues where the Asobo Blender Exporter will ‘not’ export models brought in by MCX from MDL format. They used to work fine, but now they are not.

Please, can we get an update so we are using the best version of Blender possible with all its new mapping tools. :slight_smile:

Loving SU11 and all the new planes and helos and gliders. You all rock! God bless,

Lionheart Creations